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I have been a part of this website for a very long time. A long time indeed. Turns out, I put most of my art on my Instagram these days. If any one on here still check for me, perhaps check there too. I'm bronkula on instagram and twitter. I'll check back in another 4 years, probably. Or sooner. Or later. Who knows. I'm very happy to still have this account. I like this record of myself and my art.
Sometimes I post a lot.  Sometimes I post a little.  I scheduled posts for a while.  I burst out 30 at once.  I had a decent following at one point.  I lost it all.  I went back to square one.  I know what old people feel like when they see the internet.  They can't spend the effort it would take to learn to email.  I can't spend the time on the forums and the chats it would take to build up a following once again.  But none of that will stop me from continuing to use this website.  I'll keep posting my art, even if no one sees it.

I gotta get some use out of this print account, after all.
So I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on this last set of caricatures, and honestly, it's what I've always wanted to do.  Just paint funny paintings all day.  

I've started a Patreon account.  Patreon allows people to support artists, by paying them a little bit everytime they art.  Well I want to art a lot.  I want to art so much that you're sick of my arts.  I think I could produce some amazing work if this was my job.  So if you've ever liked any of my art, come help me make a lifetime goal of arting a reality.
I freaking love Community.  I'm doing a series of caricatures right now based on the show.  I'm not really doing any particular season.  In fact my style is changing slightly with each picture, since this is painting practice for me.  I hope some one out there likes these.

Does anyone have any ideas of what I show I should attempt next?
I'm going to be uploading a large number of sketchcards over the course of the next month or so.  Some of these are for fun, some were commissions.  If you're interested in getting commission cards done, do please contact me.  
I don't think I'll ever get away from deviantart.  It says I have 1500 people watching me, but I can't imagine many of those people are actually still coming here, considering that's a number accrued over a period of a decade.  Yeah, I've been using this site since before when.  

Sometimes it makes me sad when I look back through my gallery and see all the cool things that are here, but notice all the deviantart things that fell by the wayside.  For instance none of my animations are really here anymore, and there was a point where DA switched servers, and a number of my files just sort of stopped working.

Also, back in the day, they would have you upload multiple files for your images, especially if you were printing.  But any of those larger files I uploaded don't seem to be accessible anymore.  Even though the prints are still up.  

I bought into the print shop when it first came out, for the lifetime membership.  I have sold exactly that amount back in prints.  Sometimes I think it might pick up again, but I don't think I post enough to build back up the following I once had on here.  

Oh well.
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Time for my annual posting on deviantart.  Been a while since I posted anything major on here.  Been focusing a lot on code recently.  Probably why not a lot of new art.  Maybe I'll post some fonts or something that I've been working on.  Anyways.  Thought I'd kick around the old stomping grounds a bit.
So apparently one of my drawings was on the website.  but it was an image that wasn't very high res, and the only evidence left is on google cache.  I get the feeling this guy never actually sold anything, because the prices were all outrageous, and my file wasn't good enough for print, so I bet a bunch of others weren't either.

but good luck to everyone suing the guy.  tell me if it leads to anything.
which is apparently the last time i did anything on here... being employed doing art will do that to you...
so i've been working at knott's berry farm for a while now.  pumping out drawings for kaman's art shoppes.  whenever we have a slow day, i try to fill the time by rubbing out a decent celebrity demo.  although it seems that usually the celebrities i choose aren't really all that popular.  heh.  oh well.

i work as a sign carver now as well.  ... i might upload some of those when i make some more.

sorry i never update anymore guys.  i promise i will try to have another big page o crap once spring break is over.
sorry i don't post here more.  i don't journal very much these days, and if i do, i do it over at

sorry, da, it's too hard to post so many places.
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if you check out my latest deviation, the lord of the rings sketchcards, the last three are for sale now.  i'm selling them through the icebox, so if you're interested in them, go visit these links.

Arwen and Aragorn
Treebeard sold
Elrond sold

only one card left.
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i just got done with my second set of lord of the rings cards.  i ended up doing a whole stack of these gandalfs.


i consider it a necessary evil.  but i'm just glad i'm finally done with this set.  the threat of it was looming large over the holiday season, and i was afraid i wasn't going to finish like my marvel set.  but i hunkered down, and busted them out, and now i can breathe easy.  now i just have a couple commission heroes cards to do, and then the second marvel run starting late january.  HOORAY!
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i got a webcam again a while ago, and i've been using it recently to show people what i'm up to.  i know i've pretty much been off the radar artistically lately, but i think i'll be updating my webcam a lot in the coming weeks/months, as i do more sketchcards.  so if you're interested in what i'm doing at the moment, check out my webcam periodically.
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i updated my website's color scheme, and started in on a fresh set of ladies.  tell me what you think.  
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i am out of ideas and want to draw.  i also am out of money, and i want to make it out to sdcc, like so many others out there.  so, taking cue from some other people on here, i am open for commissions.  character sketches, character inks, and we can talk about characters colored.
so i recently bought a new webcam, and hamcam is back up and running, after an absence of about 3 or 4 years.  i got a nice little logitech messenger cam, and i'm running it with a little piece of open source software called Dorgem.  it's good stuff if you need some free and easy webcamming.  

anyways, i know webcams are totally the way to be cool... in 1998... but i still love em.  i met some amazing friends back when i was camportalling, and it's always fun to let people into the way i draw.  plus, voyeurism is hot shit.  WHO KNOWS WHEN I'LL BE NAKED!  i could be naked right now, you wouldn't know... or would you?
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my tablet's pen hasn't been working for a while.  but i just got a new wacom graphire4.  expect some new things from me soon, hopefully.  starting with some new flats pics to get me back in the groove.
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No doubt you've all seen the big push deviantart is making for this BT and Thomas dolby tour.  Well I've been selected as an artist who's art will be shown for the Tucson show at the famous Rialto Theatre.  So if you're in the Tucson area, stop by the show, and we'll all storm Bison Witches afterwards.  If you see a guy with a golfer's cap on, ask him if he likes yoyos and maybe we can talk shop.  

for more information about the BT and Thomas Dolby tour, click here, and for more information on the Rialto show, click here.
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if you have my scraps devwatched, then you already know that i dumped in my website backdrops in there.  these are a project in minimalism for me.  i'm trying to get the most out of an essentially three color scheme.  i've set up a bunch of little rules for myself that weren't all in effect for the first two.  but now i got it pretty well down.  i really like the milla jovovich one.  it's what the mandy moore one should've been if that photo hadn't been totally weird in the first place.

anyways.  i guess if some of the people don't have my journal watched, they'll miss out too.  and don't get me started on people who don't even watch me at all.

... losers.  seriously.  what's with them?
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