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i couldn't decide whether to call it zeppelin shogun or zeppelins ho... so i found a happy medium.

this is quite possibly the best thing i've ever produced. i am confident in saying that.

this is an opencanvas3 eventfile in the oe3 format. this means that if you have opencanvas3 you can totally watch this image being drawn.
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Agree with u lot on the perspective.
Very powerful.

I wouldn't be surprised if I podracer flew by... :yoda:
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cool background
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yep, amazing perspective.
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Crazy play with perspective. :wow: It really Jumps at you when you first see it.
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Looks wicked. Somehow reminds me of a sentinel from X-Men comics.
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This one is fantastic! The camera angle you've chosen emphasize his size, he looks like a god!! I like how you did the BG, you can really believ the depth of it. Great piece!
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Hot damn! You did a lot of work when I wasn't looking. This is just astounding. Are you in the middle of some sort of major project? I mean jeez. Amazing. Best I've seen from you.
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defenetly a :star:
oooh I such a suckup
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Very nice! You do technical line work very well cool character to ^_^
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i was looking for ur url since u put this picture and become the "dealy deviantion" :d u r a verry good artist i wich i kan paint like u :d thnk for doing what u do ;) keep up the good workSS!! :D;)
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Very good image, nice character. I like both the perspective and the color choice :)
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Divine wrath of the gasbags.:)
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What can I say except... WWWOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! This is crazy good :omg: :drool: !!! Excellent job :thumbsup: :thumbsup:! I really like the colour scheme, and well, EVERYTHING!!! Awesome! :nod:
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would marvel hire you? um...yeah, definately, dude. This rocks. The colors are amazing but what makes my head turn is the great sense of foreshortening. The figure proportions and the view you chose work perfectly. Keep that up!
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YOU ARE will now study your style and steal your secrets and defeat my newest challenge :ninja: :matrixfight:
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oh man! this is sO awesOme! :worship:
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me likes zeppelins and airships :) this is cool.
the samurai guy is also cool. nice perspective :)
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wow that is great perspective work!
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this is an incredible drawing, or painting, i should say :) it's simply incredible and an instant :+fav: :) i wish i did have open canvas! i'd love to see this drawn...
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holy crap!... this peice is so dynamic!.. its just flowing with movement.... i love it... this would make a kick ass print... nice work man!
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Nice perspective.
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simpley amazing
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very interesting composition
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