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Shirley Bennet



My Community series continues.  This is Shirley Bennet from NBC's television show Community.  I had a lot of fun on this one.

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omg-  1. . i just watched your "wow we can animate in adobe - awesomely-bad-good!!?" 3. and now i looked up your caricatures link- and - i'm stuck at >>>  knotts berry farm! which i haven't heard anyone even mention THE WONDER of that place since president carter which that was the "era" the last time i was there - and i recall this being during like "the fall season" because of that  "one ride" which i guess "they had made" "the one ride which was sort of like a roller coaster-  kinda scary" which i guess becomes "whatever the season is like but this -becomes also kind of suspicious after you go to the knots berry farm a few times - like "hey! thats the same ride DAD!" :) ha !-  but it was "kinda cool".  they did  have nice jams and jellys!.  but that stuff is pretty hard to "play with" i remember thinking to myself!

anyhow - i love your stuff!  i have been wanting to get back to "trying- attempting- to- animate - for ever- i could never learn flash- at all.  ever.  i created so many layers and layers of animation- i might as well have made an old fashion flip book which is what everyone is doing now with moleskin books- and I've never even had a moleskin book. i made a lot of flash ? whatever they were called-  which were about 30 seconds long- with my own music loops  [back in the mid to late 90s and they would have never been "able to be uploaded to the internet" they were so huge in "size" i gave up finally.

so basically what you just did- was show me how to animate in adobe - simply and easily- and by now
i do know how to keep it simple.

you ROCK! thanks thanks thanks!