Zombie Zone

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By Hamadriyad
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Rotten, beaten, eaten
Looks like dead, lying on the ground
Yet still alive, you'll be the one who feed him
No way out, useless to look around

How long you will run, how long you can stand
Fear flows in your veins, exploding your heart
What will you do when your feet refuse to move, my friend
What will you do when they torn you apart

Do you smell, smell of the rotten meat
That's the smell of death, your lover
A lonely corpse, no name, no grave in this hellish pit
Only she can bring you some faded flower

Now, sit on your throne, made from your flesh and bone
Feel the pain, feel the sorrow, give the life you borrowed
Nothing to claim, no one to blame, just you and unavoidable flame
You'll be alone, die and reborn, neverending pain
In the Zombie Zone

Hope you like it.
You are in a dark place, your torch is about to die down
You see a man, you think he is dead but you are wrong, terribly wrong
You'll hear a song of a dead soon, and death of the life song
This is the Zombie Zone my friend, once get in, no way out
© 2011 - 2020 Hamadriyad
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*Shift + Ctrl + Alt + End*
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You cheater! :)
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Cheating death is awesome.
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Heh, sure it is! ;)