The Master Thief

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By Hamadriyad
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I am the master
I am the thief
I am the shadow of the City
Have no belief
When the darkness comes
And the torch is fade out
When you think the door is locked
And your treausure can not be found
I'll be there at once
Leave you a surprise
Open it fast
An empty chest
I am sorry
But I took the rest

When the sun rises
It will erase darkness
As well as my presence
Until the next night
Then I will become
A shadow again
Created by the darkness itself
© 2013 - 2020 Hamadriyad
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Great poem! I'm glad you shared this on TTLG. We need more stuff like this on the boards :)
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I am very glad you like it! Thanks!And you are welcome!
I like poems too, and that poem of yours was pretty good. I hope you share more soon. :)
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Dryiad, when will you release a poetry book please? No matter the exchange rate, I want it!!!
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Hehheh, thank you very much! One day maybe, but now there not that much poems. :) And I guess nobody buy it except Thief fans. :D (I don't know If it includes all of my poems -non Thief related ones too- makes a change. I don't think they are that good, but I am flattered)
But If I release a book one day, I will send you one as a gift. ;)
Thank you very much again, I am really really flattered. :love: