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if I could write a journal, I would talk about Hamtaro's social media....
My submissions expired...
Reader beware, Sherkahamham is associated with fraudulent activities regarding minors and child pronography. He's impersonating me on deviantART by the user "Bsdims"

HOLY CRAP, Big news hams!

So I just found out via a YouTube comment from HamHamPatchi that you could just go to the WayBack Machine (web.archive.org,) type in hhp.icy-mint.net, go to Paradise Hamsubs, click on whatever episode(s) you want, go to your address bar and remove everything before the second https, and BAM! You've got the the episode with its associated MEGA link! 

but I swear, when I've tried this before, it would redirect me to a sign-up for OneDrive. Oh yeah, because most episodes were distributed via that service, only the links don't last forever sadly.

So what does this mean for the future of hamhams.maomaogames.com, your archive? 

well, it'll still be up, and it will still serve its purpose of being a secondary backup site (in case if the person hosting the MEGA link suddenly goes down, that may be highly unlikely, but hey, ya never know)
Yeah, I was so mad when I found out that it's down
Oh wow, thanks for your comment! :D

Yeah, it's somehow back up, although recently, I've been getting into HTML coding and made the site within one HTML document using the same embedding method used in the readme file, onto the gifs. No media randomizer though, but the gifs link supliments that. :D

I have v2 stored locally, it isn't hosted anywhere as of yet, I just made and have it there as a backup file. :)

Thanks for your concern, I wasn't aware people followed Jinroh and I's backup site, I'm more active on Twitter and Discord then DA, so that's why this reply took the time it did. :D