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The Nameless God

Salt and Sanctuary Fanart
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While they cherish their petty deities, idols, and false lords, I am.

While they fight their trivial wars, live and die for mortal kings and scoundrels, I am.

All priests of false gods kneel to Me.

All kings of empires great and small kneel to Me.

Life kneels to Me.

Death kneels to Me.

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And then gets killed in nine hits XD… (33:06)
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"A salt-born soul, a king of naught but rot and silence. Such a being chained by its own eternal want...more a slave than a god." 
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Ooh yay! :iconlawooplz: Please tell me you're doing more of these, because that was a really cool game, too!
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Aaaaaaaw, you did it! Incredible~
Very-very-very good :3
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Glad you like it :D
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Holy shit, he looks incredible! The Nameless God has to be one of my favorite final bosses - the OST is definitely a big contributing factor there. It's seriously awesome to see him fully realized like this, great work.
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Nice to hear you like it, thanks :D
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Nice! played salt and sanctuary myself.
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This looks awesome.
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I take the things I desire.
I have taken so many things from so many people.
Souls like scraps, bound in dying flesh: I claim them.
Kingdoms of dust and lies, petty princes, corrupt lords: I claim them.

The awesome final boss from one of the few "soul-likes" I enjoyed.
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He was a pretty good final Boss. Also the last stage had a nice atmosphere to it.
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Especially the part when the game makes you  "kneel" before him. Pretty sweet. 
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This looks great... took me a while to even realize it was from Salt & Sanctuary! Love that game too, but this art is really standout.

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Oh hell yeah! I've been waiting for a badass artist to give this guy some proper fanart!
This game is so underappreciated, I'm glad to see the final boss getting some recognition.

And I gotta say, I love your take on him. He's not wearing a Turban anymore and instead has a fancy shawl and veil. And I just love how messy his candelabra is with the different strands and waving lengths of fabric draping off.

Awesome work.
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Nice to hear you like my version :D
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Very much so.
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Who lights the candles though..
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