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Woot! This spring I licensed some of my work to VAC (Velvet Acid Christ) for their new compact disc and album, "Subconscious Landscapes" which was released a few days ago on October 25. They had offered posters, t-shirts, signed merchandise and etc (no longer available) with my art as part of their pledge music drive leading up to the release. VAC's genre of music is Industrial Trip-hop Trance, EBM, Techno, Goth and Darkwave. You can order the CD, Album or MP3's here… . The VAC website is here and their facebook page is here…

It was a good experience working with Bryan Erickson of VAC and Joe Schulthise of Metroplis Records I had to use the 'big render' feature in MB3D on "Industrial Contamination" as it is an inherently noisy image, though not obviously so if viewed at reduced resolution. I believe I rendered it about 1.1 gigapixels (34,560 X 34,560 to smooth it out and then used tripple anti-alias for the finish image.

Below are a few images of the finished artwork, one of them including upcoming show dates in the US. :) And also the 4 original images that I licensed for the project...

Vac by HalTenny 

Coverer1500-e1414524958861 by HalTenny

Tourgraphix2015 by HalTenny

Industrial Contamination Industrial Contamination by HalTenny

Ornate Support Column  Ornate Support Column by HalTenny

Deep Core Drillers         Deep Core Drillers by HalTenny

Sunlit Crustacean          Sunlit Crustacean by HalTenny

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Congratulations Hal!  Wonderful!