2011 BMFAC News Update

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BMFAC winners published in print magazine!  

The 25 winners of the Benoit Mandelbrot Fractal Art Contest were contacted in mid February to supply large format files of their winning images and also a short bio explaining their interest in fractal art, software used and general information about their work if they chose to do so. We were also informed that the first exhibit would be held in Logroño, in Northern Spain. Javier Barrallo, a Professor of Mathematics at The University of the Basque Country, Spain and also one of the panelists for the BMFAC was our contact for this. The current exhibit will be in the Casa de la Ciencia (House of Science), in Logroño, the Capital city of RIOJA until June 10th. I'll post a few pictures Javier sent further down. Javier also says he will send more pictures soon.

Also when I was contacted in February, Javier informed me that he had written an article about the BMFAC for a Spanish scientific magazine with all the winning images included in the article as well. The magazine is " "REDES para la Ciencia" (NETS for Science) which is the written format of a well known Spanish Science TV program." Also at that time he informed me that my winning image, "Gordian Twist" had been chosen by the editor of the magazine as the cover image for that issue. I was obviously quite honored and proud to have been chosen for that. I received a copy of the magazine a few days ago and all the winning pieces printed in the article look fabulous! I asked for and received permission to post the article and pictures as they appear. (Javier was kind enough to send a PDF of the article. If any of you wish a copy of it, just note me with your email address and I'll send it along.)

Javier also says... "Feel free to share this report and also to encourage (you or others) to write a similar article about the exhibit in any science magazine from other country or prepare a similar exhibit. If so, I can provide all the necessary data and help."


Below you will find 6 images of the article titled "EL ARTE FRACTAL" by Javier Barrallo. The article appears in issue 23 of "REDES para la Ciencia".  The article is in Spanish. Also included is the cover image. Unfortunately I can't translate the article to any other language. If anyone would like to translate it to English or another language, let me know and I'll send you the PDF and then include a translation at the bottom of this Journal.

Edit: I replaced the cover image with a better version and included an index image of a fractal collage.

A few pictures of the show  

Below are three pictures that Javier sent. Two are of the exhibit and one is of the poster for the show. "The images from the magazine (cover, arrangements) where chosen from the editors, the images from the poster and brochure were selected by the House of Science of Logroño." says Javier.

I'll get a better image of the magazine cover uploaded soon. So once again, congratulations to all the selected winners of the BMFAC! I'm sure we'll all get a kick out of having our work in a print magazine and seeing them hanging on a wall in large print format. I know I did. :)

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Awesome thanks for posting this :blowkiss: