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Winter Sky

I tried to get this looking more winterish but I didn't want to wait till the last minute to get one posted this time! The reason this one struck me is it reminded me of a cartoonish swirling winter sky.

This is for =f--l--A--r--k's Apophysis Challenge #7.

<flame name="polar7" version="Apophysis 7X Final" size="660 510" center="0.657730674272489 -0.750265004647467" scale="254.0043" oversample="1" filter="0.2" quality="5" background="0 0 0" brightness="7.27826086956522" gamma="2.61" >
<xform weight="0.5" color="0" symmetry="-1" gaussian_blur="0.348" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" />
<xform weight="10" color="1" symmetry="0.934" linear="0.016" polar="2.289" rings2="-0.292" foci="0.007" coefs="0.419753 0.386094 -0.386094 0.419753 -0.011767 0.335128" rings2_val="1.59219" />
<xform weight="0.5" color="0" polar="0.833" eyefish="-0.255" curl="-0.205" coefs="0.587964 0 0 0.587964 2.84349 1.485375" curl_c1="0.112044" curl_c2="0" />
<;palette count="256" format="RGB">
60A1795EA1795DA07A5BA07A5A9F7B589F7B579E 7C559E7C
539E7C529D7D509D7D4F9C7E4D9C7E4C9B7F4A9B 7F489B7F
479A80459A804499814299814198823F98823D98 823C9783
3A97833996843796843695853495853295853194 862F9486
2E93872C93872B92882992882792882691892491 8923908A
21908A208F8B1E8F8B20908A2291892492882693 87289485
2A94842C95832D96822F978131988033997F359A 7E379B7C
399C7B3B9D7A3D9D793F9E78419F7743A07645A1 7547A273
48A3724AA4714CA5704EA66F50A76E52A76D54A8 6C56A96B
58AA695AAB685CAC675EAD6660AE6562AF6463B0 6365B062
67B16069B25F6BB35E6DB45D6FB55C70B45B71B3 5A71B259
72B05773AF5674AE5574AD5475AC5376AB5277AA 5177A84F
78A74E79A64D7AA54C7AA44B7BA34A7CA2497DA0 477D9F46
7E9E457F9D44809C43819B42819A4182983F8397 3E84963D
84953C85943B86933A879239879037888F36898E 358A8D34
8A8C338B8B328C8A318D882F8D872E8E862D8F85 2C8E862D
8E872E8D882E8D892F8C8A308C8B318B8C318B8D 328A8E33
8A8F348990348891358892368793378794378695 38869639
85973A85983A84993B849A3C839C3D829D3E829E 3E819F3F
81A04080A14180A2417FA3427FA4437EA5447DA6 447DA745
7CA8467CA9477BAA477BAB487AAC497AAD4A79AE 4A79AF4B
78B04C78AF4B78AE4977AD4877AB4777AA4577A9 4476A843
76A74176A64076A53F75A33D75A23C75A13B75A0 39749F38
749E37749D35749B34739A337399317398307397 2F73962D
72952C72932B729229729128719027718F25718E 24718D23
708B21708A2070891F70881D6F871C6F861B6F85 196F8318
6E82176E81156E80146D80146D7F156C7E156B7E 166B7E16
6A7D166A7C17697C17687C18687B18677A18667A 19667A19
65791A64781A64781A63781B62771B62761C6176 1C61761D
60751D5F741D5F741E5E741E5D731F5D721F5C72 1F5B7220
5B71205A7021597021597021586F22586E22576E 23566E23
566D23556C24546C24546C25536B255C66366560 476E5B58
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© 2009 - 2021 HalTenny
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I am currently featuring this lovely piece of artwork in my journal. [link]

If you do not wish to be featured, please let me know and I will remove it.
HalTenny's avatar
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!
HalTenny's avatar
I appreciate that! And thanks for the fave on this and Crackled Gnarl;)
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Prelkia's avatar
Beautiful work!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
HalTenny's avatar
I really appreciate that! I've learned a lot from all the scripts, flame packs and tutorials out there. And thank you for the :+fav: and :+devwatch:!

Prelkia's avatar
Good luck for the Challenge!:thumbsup:
HalTenny's avatar
Thanks, and to you as well!
timemit's avatar
neat piece and what do you mean you tried!!!! it's cool :D good luck
HalTenny's avatar
I appreciate that tim! Good luck to you as well and thanks for the :+fav:!
wolfepaw's avatar
Outstanding!!!! :wow: And thank you so much for sharing these params. I can't wait to try them out. This is soooo gorgeous! :iconteamoplz:
HalTenny's avatar
Thank you very much! =f--l--A--r--k's challenges are turning out to be quit a teaching aid. It not only forces you to learn how to use a particular plugin, but also how to get that plugin to play well with the others! Have fun and I appreciate the fave! :)
winklepickers's avatar
Thanks for the parameters. I might have a go with them. I have all the necessary variations and plugins. :)
HalTenny's avatar
Your welcome! Hope it helps! I struggled a bit too, and thanks for the fave!
f--l--A--r--k's avatar
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