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Temple Of Doom

By HalTenny
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another great work.
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I absolutely love this!
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I appreciate that!
The bulbous and heavily curved surfaces are all textured while the big pyramids have mostly pretty smooth surfaces, does even that just arise from the math or is there some kind of custom texturing going on?

(and if the answer is the former, I think I believe in God now)
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The textures are really more a function of the lighting and coloring. (In this piece) So if I adjusted the colors, more texture could appear on the pyramids... same with adjusting the lights. That is not to say that textures are entirely produced by lights and colors of course. Tweaking the formula variables and changing formulas can also add texture... Thanks!
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man, you should TOTAlly make a tutorial on this!! please?
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It would be difficult. You have to keep track of everything you're doing as you make a tutorial and I didn't do that with this piece. :)
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Fantastic work. These types of fractals usually seem to plagued with artifacts, but there's a good amount of clarity in this one.
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Thanks! I have done plenty that have artifacts, so I got lucky here. :)
WoW man.

Is it solid gold or just the usual brass?
If it gets green you don`t have to write my name under it. lol
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More brass here! ;)
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A Masonic Coppersmith's Bazaar in a souk somewhere in Morocco?
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Exactly what I was thinking! :bounce: :)
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Oooh! I like this one. :)
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:wave: This wonderful work and your great tutorials are featured in my new journal [link]
Hope you like it!
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Thanks very much!
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You are Always Welcome!
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