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Petrified Forest

Created with Mandelbulb 3D

Original image: 10-20-1-a-1200 by HalTenny

Boat stock photo by deio-kamots-stock deio-kamots-stock.deviantart.c…
Bridge Stock: by…
Trees png: by mysticmorning~…
Stock 202 (Grass): by Amaza-Stock~…
Stock 204 (Grass): by Amaza-Stock~…
Reeds plant png: by TinaLouiseUk~…
Stonepath: by YBsilon-Stock: by YBsilon-Stock~…
Ivy I: by YBsilon-Stock~…
Ivy: by YBsilon-Stock~…
Neuscharfeneck Ruins Stock 05(iron bar door): by Malleni-Stock~…
Stone Stairs - Unrestricted: by Cat-in-the-Stock~…
Stone Park2 : by faestock~…
Stone Arch: by fuguestock~…
Stone wall: by GoblinStock~…
Stone Wall PNG: by AledJonesStockNArt~ aledjonesstocknart.deviantart.…
Animal Kingdom Lodge 28 (Hand rail-railing): by AreteStock~…
Waterfall PS Brush SET 2 (some of the waterfalls): by FrostBo~…
Water: Flamig Pear Flood plugin: ~…
Vignett ~ Flaming Pear Melancholytron:~…
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I wish my dreams were like this.
yudrontheglatorian's avatar
very nice fantasy-atmosphere. it really seems like ripped out of a fairy tale.

i like it!
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Thanks, I'm glad you do !
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Gorgeous, I wish I could actually be there.
JCmyDrug's avatar
what a fantstatic world  !!!!!! i love it !!!  Love 
 ............. I want to go there  :D (Big Grin) 
Saviitrius's avatar
It looks like a combination of scenery from The Dark Crystal and The Hobbit. I like it! :D
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You're welcome! :D
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Said it once, I'll say it again-- I want to live there so bad
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One day we will all live in a virtual fractal world :nod:

Fantastic creation :clap:
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Very welcome 

Marvelously creative indeed
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Imagine this as an animation, in which they only moving things are the waterfalls, flooded pools, and the rowboat bobbing up and down. That would be so cool.
HalTenny's avatar
It would. Lul you right to sleep :)  Thanks!
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