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Mandelbulb3D Tutorial 3

By HalTenny
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This will only help you if you don't quite have a grasp on the cut tool or have trouble rotating your image. It is quite in depth and should help you learn those two tools rather well... Download and unzip the file. You have to actually unzip it or the images will be broken.

Made with Mandelbulb3Dv168
Mandelbulb3D Tutorial 3
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 2
Mandelbulb 3D Tutorial 1
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I need this!
Took Me 5 months and 3 tries to get the first 3 "TUTS" right but I'm Ready!
(Not a direct reflection of The Author, I'm just loving MB3D!)
The "TUTS"  are Great and to the Point!
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Thanks Hal....Excellent tutorials :D (Big Grin) 
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You're welcome!
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Thanks so very much for the tutortials :-D
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Hi Hal, thanks for the tuts, have you made some about reflections?
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Thanks! And sorry, no I haven't. I hardly use reflections at all. About the only advice I can give is the structures have to be fairly smooth to get nice reflections, so rough organic shapes are less apt to give satisfying results. Reflections work quite well with dIFS formula combinations.
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thanks a lot! Your work is really inspirational.
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Many thanks from a beginner. Useful and clear tutorial.
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You're welcome~
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thanks a lot for sharing!Your tutorials are useful as always! :D
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Quite welcome, glad they help!
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Again awesome work ;) and many thanks for sharing
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Thanks, hope it helps some!
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se ve muy interesante, creo que lo explorare
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Truly I have never used cut so this should help!! Thankyou very much!
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Ah... good! I used to use cutting a lot, but not so much any more since I finally got used to using the 3D navi window.
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Thanks very much :-)
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Quite welcome!
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Bienvenue dans ce nouveau groupe, dédié à Mandelbulb 3D, qui regroupera des images, des formules et des tutoriaux sur ce logiciel. Pour tous ceux qui souhaitent apprendre des techniques et à utiliser Mandelbulb 3D, des membres sont là pour essayer de vous aider.
Welcome to this group dedicated to Mandelbulb 3D, which will include images, forms and tutorials on this software. For those who wish to learn techniques and use Mandelbulb 3D, members are there to try to help you.

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