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Giant Mushroom Forest

I kind of got carried away here. I've wanted to compose an image like this for quite a while. But I have a short attention span, and it can be very tedious and time consuming to find the elements you want and prepare them for use. Fortunately, the more we learn about the software we use, the easier it gets. Not to mention that you can find a lot of stock already 'cut out' as png's. Then of course you have to give proper credit for stock used too, so it takes a while to organize all that.

The 'mushrooms' are fractal elements made by me in Mandelbulb 3D, as well as the 'tree trunks' or big 'mushroom stalks' that are the main part of the fractal image.

Other stock:

Row boat (model): by LadyCarolineArtist ladycarolineartist.deviantart.…
Creepy bird: by archistock…
Stork (white bird): by Malleni-Stock…
Exotic Plants II: by YBsilon-Stock…
Green Bush II: by YBsilon-Stock…
Exotic Tendrils 4: by YBsilon-Stock…
Ivy III: by YBsilon-Stock…
Waterlilies: by YBsilon-Stock…
Ivy: by YBsilon-Stock…
Pillar with ivy: YBsilon-Stock…
Plant (Epipremnum pinnatum): by Black-B-o-x…
Ivy 2: by Black-B-o-x…
Chalice Well Steps 2: by FoxStox…
gates png (fence): by camelfobia…

All other stock free downloads or purchased from CG Textures ~
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Behind the door, we find this scene?
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Exceptional !
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Thank you, And I appreciate all the comments and faves!
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Looks like an interesting place to live!!!
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Excellent work Hal!! I've only done 2 manips and it's because of exactly what you say above! You did have great patience!!
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You are very welcome! :)
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Fantastic work Hal! Everything looks like it was made for each other, you've combined together so well. :faint: (short attention span? not hardly!!)
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I appreciate that very much, thank you!
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This is an awesome looking fractal combination piece.  Well Done.
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I appreciate it!
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then get carried away more often?
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:) I'm not sure. This one is was not nearly as well liked as the previous one I did, and this one took 3 or 4 times longer to make. Could be that posting images on weekends has something to do with it.
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Well that's a work and a half.
I was looking for a boat tje other day and that one will do just fine ;)
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Thank you! I actually cropped about a third of the image because I ran out of steam. :)  That boat is actually a model, but looks fine in the image...
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Mushroom hill Zone, fantasy style.
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