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May 6, 2017
Absolutely wicked curves and fantastic structure make up HalTenny's futuristic Amphitheater.
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It's better than calling it "1783", which would be the number of deviations I have up loaded, or "4-30-1-L", the date and version number of when I made it... So with a little imagination, it is an Amphitheater, constructed above the planet surface by an eco friendly civilization. Complete with walking paths and plenty of parking for air cars. And of course it's old and abandoned...

Created with Mandelbulb 3D fractal software~
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Maybe old, but damn that’s awesome

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I appreciate it~
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very well done it looks really amazing keep up the good work
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at first glance I thought this was a Mineccraft build XDD
but this is absolutely amazing.
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:) Thanks! That would be quite the project in Minecraft!
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you're very welcome!
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so cool. I want to do one myself. awesome
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Much appreciated!
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first off i like the piece i think its a really neat creative work, but it kind of makes me think of a crazy freeway interchange gone wrong. either way still cool stuff imo
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Thanks much! And it does look a bit like that too~
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Congratulations, Hal...Well deserved DD!!!
Missed this earlier.....:heart:
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Appreciate it Laxmi!
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this doesnt look safe or functional so i´d say its constructionwise pretty bad building
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LOL!!! It amazes me sometimes what people say in comments. I fully realize everyone will not like every image they see. And that's fine. But seriously? Not safe? It's just a fractal. It's a concept created with math formulas. I clearly said it was old and abandoned. That would obviously indicate (to me at least) that the building has deteriorated over the millennia in appearance and functionality and is very much in a state of disrepair. All of the safety railings, fences and other safety measures that might have been there probably would have disintegrated over the years, if they were ever there in the first place. Or, the invisible energy barriers that served as safety rails in this advanced civilization would have been... well, invisible and you can't see them. And it's possible this 'old and abandoned' building is 10,000 years old which to me would mean it was very well built to last this long, even if it is now unsafe. So I'm sorry but I have to disagree that it is " wise pretty bad building".
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This is amazingggg! and i accidentally read the title as "armpit heater". haha
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lol, that's hilarious! Thanks very much! :)
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