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Fluttershy, Protector of Celestia

is a crossover between fluttershy and lighthing from FFXIII-2

"She once took on a whole world to save her friends from a crystal prison. Now she is a knight in Canterlot, pledged to stand guard over the temple of Celestia. Here in this realm of ponys, Fluttershy has been granted power beyond reckoning; she is something beyond pony, almost a goddess herself. She will need all of that power in the terrible battle to come..."

Rainbow Dash, The Greatest Soldier -… -

Celestia, Goddes of Harmony -… -

Pinkie Pie, The Most Random Pony -… -

Rarity, The Black Mage Guardian -… -

Twilight Sparkle, The Nightshade -…

Applejack, The Lionsguard Holy Knight -… -
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Sinjohkaiser2's avatar
Lightningshy looks amazing.
worldsfinest512's avatar
Absolutely beautiful. I would love to pick your brain on your technique sometime...
Velocityraptor28's avatar
This is a much needed improvement for her
she looks cute and awesome, you did an excellent job
Gebros's avatar
Hello, can I upload my vector of this,if I give credit?
Gebros's avatar
Used it here and here hope you don't mind
Drakenhof's avatar
I totally love her mane
Dakuu75's avatar
Woof... it's the savior~ I love this MLP-FF crossover series you've got going on it's just, perfect~ Nice work!
therealtiaandluna's avatar
Flutt3r5hyisb3st's avatar
Uh, I was browsing fluttershy pictures and saw this, and realized my mom used this to put on a shirt, I'm wearing it now actually, hope you don't mind, I had nothing to do with it... its an epic picture, its my favorite shirt in fact :)
halotheme's avatar
damn, loong time ago but i will love to see the t-shirt :3
MintChocolatey's avatar
Sorry to bug you, but someone took this and recoloured over it, not sure if she got permission since she didn't leave credit.
carmen23990's avatar
Hey ummm.. i making this story on Fanfiction...Is it alright if i use this? well, im just saying this is what Fluttershy looks like in my story. I promise to give you all the credit. and to say this is yours and not mine. But if you say no, it's alright. I understand.
halotheme's avatar
no problem, you can use it
VaultFoxx's avatar
Lightningshy all the way!! XD
galapin's avatar
Forgot to fav this, now it's done
DavidCurser's avatar
i dont know the reference, but tis looking pretty cool
LordVollmilch's avatar
Thats just legendary! Awesome Work!
Tsuki222's avatar
Amazing crossover, and "Lightningshy" looks amazing!
I love this. If I were capable of doing so I might even have squealed.
Wolven101's avatar
Lightning and Fluttershy....Nice <3
AquaFlutterLightning's avatar
Amazing, I think this is exactly what she would look like if Claire was a pony.
UndeadFluttershy's avatar
she looks so badass in that gear
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