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When Can I See You Again?

Kiehkura found his mother near the stable end of the large pasture, gazing out towards the courtyard where many Padros from other stables had recently come and gone. The stallion knew why his mother was there and he smiled to himself. Sianta was not one to easily give away her mood or thoughts, but in this case, Kiehkura exactly what she was thinking.

Kiehkura trotted over until he was side by side with Sianta and he whinnies softly in greeting, as he always did. Sianta returned the gesture and looked over her son with wonder.

"Since when did you get so big, hmmm?"

"Mom, I'm not a foal anyone, it happens to everyone eventually!" 
Kiehkura chuckled.

"Don't I know it!" Sianta snorted. "It just seems time has gone by so fast."

Kiehkura had to agree with that, time always appeared to go faster when you were older and so slow when you were young.

"You're waiting for dad, aren't you?" He asked softly.

"And when did you get so smart too?" Sianta jested. 

"Mom, I can read you like a book when you're like this! You ALWAYS wait for dad this way!"

"And why shouldn't I? I always look forward to his visits, I care very much about him." Sianta sighed softly. "I have seen and know n many other stallions and I know a big part of our lives involves mingling with a variety of different stallions or mares, but your father...." Sianta paused and smiled. "Your father is different. To me he is special, and he always will be."

Kiehkura listened to Sianta and he knew in his heart that his mother and father shared an especially close bond that they wouldn't share with any other and in that respect, he knew he was very lucky. Alot of foals wouldn't have such a feeling or such security in that knowledge. 

"Maybe one day, I'll meet a mare who catches me the same way dad catches you and I'll understand how you feel." Kiehkura said quietly.

"I hope you do, 
Kiehkura. It's the most wonderful feeling and I'd like you to know that joy too." Sianta smiled.

As she looked back to the courtyard, she smiled secretly to herself, because she knew something her son didn't. This reunion would be more than all the other visits in the past since 
Kiehkura was born. Hopefully if everything went well, it would mean that in 11 months time, Kiehkura would have a little brother or sister to play with.

The first prelude picture and story to another breeding between my Padro mare, Sianta, and :iconyourclosetninja:'s Padro stallion, Grinder. Surprised Kiehkura will be surprised! :XD: 

Padro Points:

-Literature (418 Words): +4 
-Flat Full Body: +3 Points
-A (Semi-)Detailed Background: +3 points 

Total: 10 Points 

Sianta and 
Kiehkura (c) Me
Grinder (c) :iconyourclosetninja:
Padro Breed (c) :iconartoffreedom:
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awwwwwwwh ;w; this is just so sweet! <3