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He couldn't wait to see them. 

Grinder had heard from the grape vine that Sianta had given birth and that she'd had a colt. Their little colt. 

But he hadn't been able to go and see them straight away, he'd had to wait until the right time and that time was 6 months later. Grinder and his owners came to StarShine Cove stables so they could see the little colt for themselves. 

Grinder was let into a smaller paddock next to 
Sianta and the foal first, so the protective mother could get used to Grinder's presence first. The padro stallion could barely contain his excitement, whinnying and bounding around, wanting to see his foal up close. 

A few hours later, Grinder was finally allowed into 
Sianta's paddock. He approached with a flurry, but quickly calmed as he got close. When he finally saw the colt, Grinder was ecstatic! He looked like his mother, with beautiful markings and the same fur style from him. When the foal saw the stallion approach, he darted between his mother's legs and was now staring up at Grinder in nervous wonder.

Grinder beamed, "Is this him, 

Sianta smiled back in return, so happy to see Grinder's positive reaction to their foal. "Yes, this is him, Grinder. His name is Kiehkura."

"Mum, w-who is that?" the little colt asked quietly.

Sianta chuckled softly. "That, my son, is your father, Grinder."

I promised :iconyourclosetninja: that I'd do a cute picture between Grinder, Sianta and their little colt, Kiehkura. I think it came out really well! I have an idea for another pic just between Grinder and Kiehkura too, so that will be next! :XD:

Padro Points: 

-Literature (235 Words): +2 Points
-Flat Full Body: +3 Points
-A (Semi-)Detailed Background: +3 points 

Total: 8 Points

Art, Sianta and Kiehkura (c) Me
Grinder (c) :iconyourclosetninja:
Padro Breed (c) :iconartoffreedom:
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That title is great XD
Precious picture though :aww: And I really like the little story that went with it. I do enjoy your writing style.
Beautiful work!