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The Day Cuteness Arrived

It had been a long and exhausting day, both physically and emotionally. 

A loss clawed at Halo's heart and though it had been several months since that fateful day, nothing seemed to ease the pain she felt. There were times when she'd hide out in her room or one of the large barns and cry for a bit, while the rest of the time she tried to carry on as normal. Time and Life went on after all and there were others who needed her, depended on her and she couldn't let them down just because she was having trouble letting go.

Halo was leading in the last of her horses to the stables, one her Padro mares, Belle. The mare was walking content behind Halo, being lead on her halter, when a scent hit her nostrils and she stopped so suddenly that Halo nearly got yanked backwards.

"Belle?" Halo turned and looked at the mare, who's head was now up and her ears alert and listening. She barely had time to jump back when Belle suddenly reared with a loud whinny. "BELLE! What are you doing?!"

Belle reared a second time and yanked the rope attached to her halter from Halo's hands and took off at a gallop to one of the big red barns close by. Stunned, Halo could only follow, calling Belle's name. The mare disappeared around the corner of the barn and a few moments later, Halo rounded the same corner and found her mare standing just in front of her next to the barn.

"Belle! What has gotten into yo-." Halo paused, frowning when she noticed Belle dipping her head down towards something in the grass. 

Walking closer, until Halo was beside her mare, Halo discovered Belle licking the head of a small foal lying in the grass by the barn. Her eyes widened; the foal was tiny and appeared to be abandoned. Halo knew none of the mares at StarShine Cove Stables were currently pregnant and all those that had been had already delivered their foals. This little baby certainly didn't belong to any of the mares. Halo even looked around to see if she spot any wild horses around, but there were none. 

"My goodness...." Halo murmured softly. She tentatively kneeled down, not wanting to scare the foal, but the little one seemed either not to care or was too tired to. "Well, are you a little cutie?" She slowly reached out a hand and softly stroked the foal's muzzle.

Looking closer at the foal, Halo saw the familiar speckles across its back indicating what breed it was - the foal was a Padro. Halo was broken out of her thoughts when she heard Belle snort and stamp a hoof. Glancing over her shoulder, Halo couldn't help but chuckle.

"Getting protective already, are you?" Halo raised a brow, but Belle only snorted again in reply. Looking back at the foal, Halo continued, "Well, I guess you can foster this little baby for now. We'll have to check if he belongs to anyone, but if not, looks like he'll be a new member to our Padro group.."

Halo slowly stroked the foal's head again and felt the little one lean against her hand, as if enjoying the touch. Halo smiled and lightly scratched behind her ear.

"Welcome to the herd......Ianto."


Here's my little fluffy sweetheart as a baby and how he arrived at SSC. Poor little darling was found all alone, but he quickly got used to his new home and everyone around him. My Padro mare, SSC Bella Rosa 9158, has officially become his foster mum! She'll have her hooves full with that little bundle of energy, as everyone will soon find out! :XD:

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Ianto and Art (c) Me
Padro Breed (c) :iconkimbokah:
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Ianto cutie patootie <3