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SSC The Sound of Heaven 3490

Name: SCC The Sound of Heaven
ID: 3490
Barn Name: Evando
Breed: Pure Padro :iconpadrohorse:
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6 Years
Other Pictures:
Height: 16.3hh
Colour: Pangare Dunalino DEER
Genotype: ee aa nCr nD nP DrDr maxSpkSpk
Eyes: Grey
Trainer: Halo Son
Discipline: Halter, Liberty and Show Jumping
Sire: Foundation
Dam: Foundation
Personality: Evando is a charming, happy and handsome stallion. He's cool, level-headed and always thinks something through before acting on an impulse. He is a very friendly fellow and makes friends very easily. He doesn't judge at first sight and is always firm, but fair. Evando is a hard working stallion and always puts in as much effort as he can to both competition and social activities. He doesn't like and avoids violence, only resorting to it when he absolutely must as a last resort. Evando believes in diplomacy above attacking someone or something and always gives others a chance to explain themselves or to back down if they are being unreasonable. He's very popular among other equines and while he doesn't mind the attention, he's not too fond of big crowds around him. 


1) NGS Dehateh K184  K184 NGS Dehateh - Deer Glow Mare by KimboKah
4) SSC Interstellar Heaven N3929  SSC Interstellar Heaven N3929 by HaloSon
6) NGS Marisa 2993  2993 NGS Marisa - SOLD by KimboKah
8) SSC Tawny Shadow 6490  SSC Tawny Shadow 6490 by HaloSon

Rare Points:

ee aa: +1
Modifiers: +9
DEER: +10
Speckling: +3
Build: +2

Total: 25

Registered: Yes
Breeding Spots: 11
Class: Uncommon I
Build: Light
Padro Points: 18

Starter: +7
This Ref: +3
By :iconanata-stables: YHH Forest Prince: +8

Breeding: (Open - Pure Padro mares ONLY)

1) Reserved for :iconkimbokah: to use with NGS Horst 1903  1903 NGS Horst* - Glow Mare by KimboKah (Used)
2) Reserved for Me to use with 3436 FTR Black Jack  3436 FTR Black Jack by ssomme (Unused)
3) Reserved for Me to use with SSC Santa Baby 3229 SSC Santa Baby 3229 by HaloSon (Unused)
4) Reserved for Me to use SPS Interstellar Sunset 3139 SPS Interstellar Sunset 3139 by theMadFurball (Used)
5) Reserved for Me to use with 4088 Anne 4088 Anne by ssomme (Unused)
6) Reserved for :iconssomme: to use with 4088 Anne 4088 Anne by ssomme (Used)
7) Reserved for Me to use with SPS Arizona Sunset 3055 SPS Arizona Sunset 4055 by theMadFurball (Unused)
8) Reserved for Me to use with 357 NGS Isam (Used)
9) Reserved for Me to use with 801 HSS Gaia (Unused)
10) Reserved for Me to use with SSC Forest Radiance 7320 (Unused)
11) Reserved for Me to use with SSC Bella Rosa 9158 (Unused)

Art and Character (c) Me
Breed and Design created by :iconkimbokah:
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© 2015 - 2022 HaloSon
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jetblackpatriot's avatar
My slot will be used to:
4088 Anne by FoxtailRidgeStables
KimboKah's avatar
I will use my spot to:

1903 NGS Horst - Glow Mare by ArtOfFreedom

the foal won't be born for a long while, it's just to confirm the slot XD
jetblackpatriot's avatar
Would you be interested in another slot trade? :XD: All my Padro's are open.
HaloSon's avatar
Sure! Could I get a slot to 3436 FTR Black Jack please?
jetblackpatriot's avatar
Of course! Marked.
HaloSon's avatar
Thank you, marked you down too
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