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SSC Princess of the Forest 1602******

Name: SCC Princess of the Forest 1602
ID: 1602
Barn Name: Sianta
Breed: Pure Padro :iconpadrohorse:
Gender: Mare
Age: 6 Years
Old Import Image:…
New Import Image:
Height: 17.1hh
Colour: Silver Smoky Grullo Roan Rabicano CAON DEER LEO
Genotype: EE aa nCr nD nR nZ RbRb nCao DrDr nLo minSpkSpk
Eyes: Grey
Trainer: Halo Son
Discipline: Halter and Show Jumping
Sire: Foundation
Dam: Foundation
Personality: Sianta is a sweet, composed and friendly mare. She can be a little flighty and get nervous, but a steady hand keeps her from bolting or reacting to sudden things. While Sianta isn't a complete loner, she doesn't like large crowds either and where possible, she tends to stick to a small group made up of individuals she knows well. She has a particularly good friendship with Faolan and is often seen with him. Sianta also has a keen eye for things that shine and glow and gravitates towards them.


1) NGS Kianga 2522  2522 NGS Kianga - SOLD by KimboKah
2) SSC Swirling Seven Seas 2114 SSC Swirling Seven Seas 2114******* by HaloSon 
3) SSC Sapphire's Glow 2704  SSC Sapphire's Glow 2704 by HaloSon and SSC Ruby Runner 2705  SSC Ruby Runner 2705 by HaloSon
6) SSC Crystal Eyes 6133 SSC Crystal Eyes 6133 by HaloSon
7) SSC Spirit of the Oasis 7962 SSC Spirit of the Oasis 7962 by HaloSon
9) SSC Woodland Faerie 5712  SSC Woodland Faerie 5712 by HaloSon
10) SSC Abstract Camouflage 5847  SSC Abstract Camouflage 5847 by HaloSon
11) SSC Pearl Halo 8671 SSC Pearl Halo 8671 by HaloSon 

1) SSC Light Before the Dawn 8508 SSC Light Before the Dawn 8508****** by HaloSon and SSC Dark After the Dusk 8511 SSC Dark After the Dusk 8511****** by HaloSon
2) SSC Pandora's Universe 8672  SSC Pandora's Universe 8672 by HaloSon
3) SSC Prince of Fire N3930

Rare Points:

EE aa: +1
Cream: +2
Dun: +3
Roan: +3
Silver: +2
Rabicano: +4
CAON: +15
DEER: +10
LEO: +15
Speckling: +1

Total: 56

Registered: Yes
Breeding Spots: 11
Class: Rare
Build: Medium
Padro Points: 97
Ranking: Quality Blood Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! Star! 


Starer: 7 Points
Old Ref: +3 Points
New Ref: +3 Points
Happy Birthday (by :iconelmgateec: ) - 4 Points…
For The Dancing And The Dreaming - 6 Points
You Are My Sunshine - 6 Points
Chibi 1 (by :icontuttibirdarts: ) - 7 Points 
Chibi 2 (by :icontuttibirdarts: ) - 7 Points
What We Made - 8 Points
When Can I See You Again? - 10 Points
Beach Frolic! (by :iconsashafras: ) - 6 Points
Burning Skies (by :iconrina-glxy: ) - 11 Points
Lightning Flash (by :iconsinaas: ) - 11 Points
YHH Together (by :iconcurious-cats: ) - 8 Points…

Breeding: (Open - Pure Padro stallions ONLY)

1) Reserved for :iconkimbokah: to use with NGS September 177 177 NGS September (Used)
2) Reserved for Me to use with 1343 Grinding Of Teeth 1343 Grinding of Teeth (QB) - New Slots Open (Used)
3) Reserved for Me to use with 1343 Grinding Of Teeth 1343 Grinding of Teeth (QB) - New Slots Open (Used)
4) Reserved for Me to use with 1343 Grinding Of Teeth 1343 Grinding of Teeth (QB) - New Slots Open (Unused)
5) Reserved for :iconyourclosetninja: to use with 1343 Grinding Of Teeth 1343 Grinding of Teeth (QB) - New Slots Open (Unused)
6) Reserved for Me to use with NGS Augustrain 3115 3115 NGS AugustRain - ON HOLD (Used)
7) Reserved for Me to use with Fonint GR047 GR047 Fonint (Used)
8) Reserved for :iconkimbokah: (for creating updated import ref)
9) Reserved for Me to use with NGS Grid 6012 6012 NGS Grid - Kandosr Rex* Stallion (Used)
10) Reserved for Me to use with 5165 Ancient Cistern Farore 5165 Ancient Cistern Farore (Used)
11) Reserved for Me to use with 5377 Porcelain Perfection 5377 Porcelain Perfection (Used)

Quality Blood Extra Slots

1) Reserved for Me to use with 1896 AVE Caerula 1896 AVE Caerula - Superb Blood********* (Used)
2) Reserved for Me to use with 7073 KCS Step Lively 7073 KCS Step Lively (Used)
3) Reserved for Me to use with 7806 RH Eyes On Fire****** 7806 RH Eyes On Fire [Quality Blood] (Used)
4) Reserved for Me to use with SSC My Light Will Everglow 9517** SSC My Light Will Everglow 9517** (Unused)
5) Reserved for Me to use with SSC Emperor of the Cosmos 4180 SSC Emperor of the Cosmos 4180 (Unused)

Art and Character (c) Me
Breed and Design created by :iconkimbokah:
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Padro Foal Design - NGS Kianga 2522 by KimboKah

sire: 177 September