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SSC Padro Hearts 4953

Name: SSC Padro Hearts 
ID: 4953
Barn Name: Kairi
Breed: Pure Padro :iconpadrohorse:
Gender: Mare
Age: 6 Years
Other Pictures:
Height: 180 cm
Colour: Silver Perlino Sabino GLOW NONUS RADIYA
Genotype: Ee Aa CrCr nZ nSb GlGl nNs RdyRdy medSpkSpk
Eyes: Yellow
Trainer: Halo Son
Discipline: Halter, Liberty and Dressage
Personality: Calm, level-headed and smart. Very intelligent and tends to get bored easily, so always needs something new to keep her mind active. Eager and quick to learn, enjoys competitions and always up for a challenge. Likes to make others smiles and is always happy to listen. Sometimes stubborn and lets her hooves do the talking if another equine or creature tries to push her around or over-step their mark.

Lineage: Starter

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown


3) SSC A Mad Man with a Box 6439 SSC A Mad Man with a Box 6439 by HaloSon
5) SSC Umbrella Beach N4120  SSC Umbrella Beach N4120 by HaloSon
7) SSC The Broken Rift N2179  SSC The Broken Rift N2179 by HaloSon
8) SSC Exotic Kiss 6891 SSC Exotic Kiss 6891 by HaloSon

Rare Points:

Base: +1
Silver: +2
Double Cream: +6
Sabino: +2
NONUS: +10
GLOW: +10
Build: +2
Speckling: +1

Total: 59

Registered: Yes
Breeding Spots: 13
Class: Rare
Build: Heavy
Padro Points: 10

Starter: +7
Ref: +3

Breeding: (Open - Pure Padro stallions ONLY)

1) Reserved for :iconthemadfurball: 4723 MS Unaccounted For  4723 AVE Unaccounted For by Mimi-McG (Unused)
2) Reserved for Me to use with 4927 The Sun's Descent  4927 The Sun's Descent by YourClosetNinja (Unused)
3) Reserved for Me to use with NGS Just a Little Love 4378  4378 NGS Just a Little Love - SOLD by KimboKah (Used)
4) Reserved for Me to use with SCC Someone to Lava 3777  SSC Someone to Lava 3777 by HaloSon (Unused)
5) Reserved for Me to use with N4542 AVE Charcoal Night N4542 AVE Charcoal Night by Mimi-McG (Used)
6) Reserved for :iconkimbokah: (Gift) to use with 2234 NGS Colzz** (Unused)
7) Reserved for Me to use with SSC Frozen Mistletoe 5331 SSC Frozen Mistletoe 5331 by HaloSon (Used)
8) Reserved for Me to use with SSC Autumn Auburn 5342 SSC Autumn Auburn 5342 by HaloSon (Used)
9) Reserved for Me to use with SSC My Light Will Everglow 9517**** (Unused)
10) Reserved for :iconunknownridersstable: 
11) Reserved for Me to use with N4660 Titus (Unused)
12) Reserved for Me to use with GHS' 4624 Chemical Confusion (Unused)
13) Reserved for Me to use with 7647 AVE Kokabiel (Unused)

Art and Character (c) Me
Design created by :iconthemadfurball:
Breed (c) :iconkimbokah: 
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Are there any open slots to this pretty I could snag for a slot trade?