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SSC Comet Cauldron 8305

Name: SSC Comet Cauldron
ID: 8305
Barn Name: Finx
Breed: Pure Padro :iconpadrohorse:
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 Years
Other Pictures:
Height: 178 cm
Colour: Smoky Cream Roan BATU GLOW HALLOW LEO NONUS (Xormas carrier)
Genotype: Ee aa CrCr nR nBt nGl HlwHlw LoLo nNs nXrm medSpkSpk
Eyes: GLOW
Trainer: Halo Son
Discipline: Halter, Liberty and Eventing
Personality: Honourable, stubborn and honest.

Lineage: 3rd Generation
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: 1888 NGS Ayda
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: NGS Chtanluta 3554
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: 1575 Dia de Hallowtide (DECEASED)
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: SSC The Golden Huntress 5332
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown


9) SSC Winds of Heaven N3544  SSC Winds of Heaven N3544 by HaloSon and SSC Wrath of Hell N3545  SSC Wrath of Hell N3545 by HaloSon

Rare Points:

Ee aa: +1
Double Cream: +6
Roan: +3
BATU: +10
GLOW: +10
LEO: +15
NONUS: +10
Speckling: +1

Total: 81

Registered: In Progress
Breeding Spots: 9
Class: Extremely Rare
Build: Medium
Padro Points: 3

This Ref: +3

Breeding: (Closed - Pure Padro Mares ONLY)

1) Reserved for :iconkimbokah: to use with NGS Briu* 667 667 NGS Briu* - SOLD by KimboKah (Unused)
2) Reserved for Me to use with 8816 HTS Shining Gem 8816 HTS Shining Gem by WildOracle (Unused)
3) Reserved for Me to use with SSC A Moment in Time 8682 SSC A Moment in Time 8682 by HaloSon (Unused)
4) Reserved for Me to use with LRS Toxicity N65 LRS Toxicity | ID:N65 by LunarRocketStables (Unused)
5) Reserved for Me to use with 3286 AVE Miranda 3286 AVE Miranda by Mimi-McG (Unused)
6) Reserved for Me to use with SSC My Carnival Bride 2985  SSC My Carnival Bride 2985 by HaloSon (Unused)
7) Reserved for Me to use with 9692 Pastel Disaster #9692 Pastel Disaster by casinuba (Unused)
8) Reserved for :iconmimi-mcg:
9) Reserved for Me to use with SSC Oriental Blossom 9091  SSC Oriental Blossom 9091 by HaloSon (Used)

Character (c) Me
Design created by :iconmimi-mcg:
Breed (c) :iconkimbokah:
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