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Come On, I'll Race ya!

Over the next few months, with the love and attention from both his foster mother and human care, Ianto grew into a strong and healthy foal. He developed a curious, energetic and mischievous personality, who had a knack for picking treats when others weren't looking and even performing feats of escape so he could wander wherever he pleased, much to the chagrin of the humans around him. 

But for all his daring antics, Ianto had a good and caring heart and loved playing around and making friends. He gradually learned who were happy for his company and who were not. In particular, he became very close friends with two other Padro foals, Thunder and Garven and would spend many hours playing with them in the large pastures of StarShine Cove Stables.

They enjoyed playing tag, racing each other from one end of a paddock to the other, having mini play scuffles to test their strength and agility and they even played the occasional prank on other foals or the humans. They knew they couldn't get away with teasing the adult horses, so they stuck to what they could get away with.

Belle often found herself scolding the three foals, but she could never stay mad at them, especially not Ianto. As far as she was concerned, the little colt she had found alone by a barn was her offspring in every way that mattered and she loved him very dearly and was very protective of him. If she caught other foals or horses pestering or bullying him, she wouldn't hesitate to step in and make sure they learned to leave him alone. On the flip side, she also made sure to give Ianto rules, boundaries and teach him manners so he could grow up to be a respectable stallion.

When he wasn't playing with his friends, or hanging out with his mother, he would watch the humans and take notice of what they were doing. Out of them all, the one called Halo was is favourite. His mother had told him that she had been the first of the humans to find him and help him when he was little and so the young colt had grown curious about her.

He liked her company; she was always cheerful with him, always kind and even when she was exclaiming her dismay at his latest antic, she never once hit him or been aggressive with him. Halo would stroke his muzzle and neck, tickle his ear and give him the best treats, so he grew the closest bond with her.

Halo even allowed him to walk or trot beside his mother whenever she was being ridden for brisk exercise or even training. Ianto was an intelligent foal and would often try to copy whatever Belle did when she was being trained. Halo knew this would only work as an advantage for Ianto, as it would help to hone his skills at an early age and she discovered that he seemed to have good agility and balance in jumping and running, as well as great gait when it came to more complex challenges like Dressage.

With that in mind, Halo hoped that in the future, she could train Ianto for Eventing tournaments, not wanting to waste any capabilities the young colt might have in him. She felt excited at his future prospects, hoping that Ianto could one day become the Champion she hoped he could be.

Ianto, of course, had no idea what lay in store for his future. For the time being, all he was interested in doing was living life to the full.


Another picture and story of my darling boy, SSC My Light Will Everglow 9517*! This time with his best friends, SSC The Thunder Rolls N490 and SSC Guardian of Fantasy N382

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Ianto is such a gorgeous foalie <3