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Definitely Ataxia



I did a thing... :happybounce:

A few weeks ago I was horse riding with a friend when my horse decided he'd had enough and took off. Being the competent rider that I am, I fell off and hit the ground pretty hard, giving myself concussion and a very sore tailbone. As a result I got sick and everyone kept telling me I looked pale. Not being able to do much else, I went and hid myself away to play Skyrim, and you know the first thing the game told me? 
Yup, "you look pale", hence this happened.

I do have to wonder what my Dovahkiin thinks when she gets home after a near-death experience with a dragon or bandit and everyone just thinks she has ataxia :p Silly Arcadia is silly.

Anyway, this started out as a quick sketch and ended up becoming a two-day marathon :phew: For someone who sucks at backgrounds though, I'm stoked with how it turned out! Also, I apologise to any of my watchers who don't like this sort of thing... there will probably be a lot more from me in the future.

I hope you like it =)

Art belongs to me
Skyrim belongs to the Nords! Bethesda :heart:
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I just noticed the Luna Moth going "Please don't eat me..." X"D. This is great overall, particularly the colors ;3;!