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Zecora's House

First background I did for :iconcelestorion:'s upcoming flash based on The Story of the Blanks.
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Used your amazing background hope you don't mind QQ I credited you and everything…
Squeebun's avatar
May I use this for a short blog post on my tumblr
halomademeapc's avatar
of course, just please cite me
Squeebun's avatar
I used your background here
thank you very much
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
ecliptorcalrissian.deviantart.… Used here. 

Someday, I'll take the time to learn to create stuff instead of sticking other people's elements together. How does one go about making something like this? 
streetsweep237's avatar
Zecora always haves a cure to those who are not sure.
akumath's avatar
May I use this for a background for a comic I plan to upload on tumblr?
rokeke's avatar
May I use this background for a character of mine?
TehMutt's avatar
Awesome work!
May I use this for a personal print? (not for sale/distribution at all; just a little background for a quick piece I did and only printed once.)
EvilFrenzy's avatar

my I use this background


halomademeapc's avatar
Go right on ahead
artwork-tee's avatar
Is it OK for me to use this as the background for my zecora print?
halomademeapc's avatar
go right on ahead.
toonbat's avatar
Damn. The weather outside is so... green. ;P
halomademeapc's avatar
that's just for greenscreen masking
BB-K's avatar

Oh? You got a flash based story on that. Awesome! Would look forward to the movie.
Vypor's avatar
I've used this picture in a collage of sorts, seen here. Do tell me if you would prefer I not use it.

halomademeapc's avatar
that's fine, thanks!
Vypor's avatar
Glad to hear it, it was hard finding a blank Zecora's house picture. But yours was perfect for it.
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