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The Everfree Forest 2

Third background for :iconcelestorion:'s Story of the Blanks animation.

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10/10, would fap again.

Nah, but seriously this is awesome OuO
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Glorious indeed! Though now, looking at some of your other stuff, I really, really wanna see you throw Kim Possible into a place like this right alongside the ponies.
PonyPoniPone's avatar
Absolutely love it!
Sarahostervig's avatar
how can we dowload it and use fpr a comic??
halomademeapc's avatar
I left it in its native flash format; you should be able to just screenshot it and work with that.
Sarahostervig's avatar
screenshot it??? how??
halomademeapc's avatar
the "Print Scr" button on your keyboard. It's usually near the top-right. Then, you can just paste it into any application.
Sarahostervig's avatar
i'll try that when i make a comic^^ thank you^^
Leone-Legender's avatar
Yeah, glorious indeed!
thekingfd's avatar
fap fap fap lol
halomademeapc's avatar
Well, then....
I guess it's nice to know my work is being put to good use.
darkoak213's avatar
so how is the project going? are you doing well? i cant wait to see the results.
halomademeapc's avatar
Slow. I'm still waiting for CelestOrion to finish the trailer script.
darkoak213's avatar
ouch! well hope youll be able to finish one day that would be awsome to watch.
AgryX's avatar
...oh my God It MOVES!
halomademeapc's avatar
of course it does. anybody can make a still.
AgryX's avatar
Its very nice :)
OkamiOki's avatar
well this is just great ^.^
Katcooldraw's avatar
Wow!! great job :icontwilightclapplz:
TheBlueBone's avatar
well bronies clop now not fap! X3
FairestMoss's avatar
Hope you don't mind! I used a screenshot from this here: [link]
Gave credit, sorry I didn't ask beforehand. D:
halomademeapc's avatar
that's okay, it can slide.
Velgarn's avatar
may i ask if i can use a sreenshoot of this one? i liked so much the game and im trying to do an image using the materals that i found plus some photoshop manipulation.
halomademeapc's avatar
What do you plan to use it for?
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