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most beautiful gift

Happy Birthday!!!(Sound warning) by luisbc Happy Birthday!!!(Sound warning) :iconluisbc:luisbc 118 48 The nymph... by valellis The nymph... :iconvalellis:valellis 8 8 Corazon Alas Bien by locuaz15143 Corazon Alas Bien :iconlocuaz15143:locuaz15143 1 4 Thank You by Radthorne Thank You :iconradthorne:Radthorne 63 22 MIRROR OF DREAMS by kaderart MIRROR OF DREAMS :iconkaderart:kaderart 17 19 Bleeding Heart     (premade book cover) by KarinClaessonArt Bleeding Heart (premade book cover) :iconkarinclaessonart:KarinClaessonArt 427 477 Dancing flower by luisbc Dancing flower :iconluisbc:luisbc 107 12 Petals by luisbc Petals :iconluisbc:luisbc 1,424 186 The wolf waiting... by valellis The wolf waiting... :iconvalellis:valellis 17 14 Happy Birthday Haloma by luisbc Happy Birthday Haloma :iconluisbc:luisbc 93 10 Haloma avatar by luisbc Haloma avatar :iconluisbc:luisbc 33 8 The new world(Sound warning) by luisbc The new world(Sound warning) :iconluisbc:luisbc 179 94 19 by luisbc 19 :iconluisbc:luisbc 170 40 Lights in the dark Wallpapers by luisbc Lights in the dark Wallpapers :iconluisbc:luisbc 37 14 Ever grateful by luisbc Ever grateful :iconluisbc:luisbc 149 34 Chaoniverse by luisbc Chaoniverse :iconluisbc:luisbc 149 16



Fractal art:

between tradition and modernity , generator paving the art in the start of a new era expresses a different vision for those with artistic taste , where talent meets the mental and imaginative in the technical capabilities of digital, paint a different picture arises meanings of creativity ..
It art Fractal the talented artist , featured Louis ..
It is one of the finest and the wonders of advanced art in the world ,
Art fractal for artist Louis is a kind of art engineering , based on the accounts as a basis for him, but with the development of digital programs is no longer the kind of arts difficult for the artist , as it depends on the frequency and coordination and precision , what aggravated creativity and beauty in his paintings attractive .. and also considers the concept of dimension is a key tool in this art.
It may also be art for him, is the modern language of the contemporary generation , permission for the Arts, its own footprint and its usual role in the dissemination of culture , publishes all new and useful . As seen in our world and the world Deviantart . Emergence of young Creations in this art , or in the other arts , this is the creator Louis:iconnyxvzla:


recovering by JustLastKnight recovering :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 2 8 2 = 1 by JustLastKnight 2 = 1 :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 1 0 Hallo...Witch by JustLastKnight Hallo...Witch :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 3 1 Apprentice by JustLastKnight Apprentice :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 1 2 Music to my sorrow by JustLastKnight Music to my sorrow :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 1 1 Old by JustLastKnight Old :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 1 1 Broken by JustLastKnight Broken :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 2 0 Witch by JustLastKnight Witch :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 1 0 owl by JustLastKnight owl :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 2 4 Toytown killer by JustLastKnight Toytown killer :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 1 0 Dreams II by JustLastKnight Dreams II :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 1 3 Picture This by JustLastKnight Picture This :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 3 7 Let's Face it by JustLastKnight Let's Face it :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 3 5 Outonthetiles by JustLastKnight Outonthetiles :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 2 2 grudge by JustLastKnight grudge :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 3 2 FairyLands (for HinkyPunk) by JustLastKnight FairyLands (for HinkyPunk) :iconjustlastknight:JustLastKnight 2 7

Andy an artist from Britain, the owner of insight and taste like loud music, and has a book of poetry, filled with wisdom and eloquence under the generous throughout his life, and in a simple and clear up the level of graphic Photoshop of artwork, but his paintings characterized by their standard high in composition and coloring and the power of expression is an artist slender sensitive and poetic style.
Andy has been considered that the art which characterized the synthesis of life, was approaching the personal and dive to seize the right moment and expressed the font and color. And the kind of interdependence mental and emotional it converts the artwork of the time to the moment of eternity and was able artist Andy, to seize this moment has arrived to the heart of the art and has been working movement esoteric and not the virtual model to confirm that features interior is what gives the technical work of its value.
Artist Andy is also the owner of a unique skill in the work of the features of the image is immersed in personal worked by personal style tends to simplification and economy in the tonal his distinctive style.
He His style is characterized by harmony and serenity and power of expression. Has had a profound positive impact in encouraging new talent and artists definition with the publication of aesthetic concepts and I am one of them, and I considered it my first teacher.
This is the artist Andy .. With my sincere greetings to you.…:


SS - Fire Pit by Darrian-Ashoka SS - Fire Pit :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 2 0 Cline's King and Queen Crown Chimney Caps by Darrian-Ashoka Cline's King and Queen Crown Chimney Caps :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 1 2 Rabineau 31 by Darrian-Ashoka Rabineau 31 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 3 0 Schuh 276 by Darrian-Ashoka Schuh 276 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 1 1 Schuh 159 by Darrian-Ashoka Schuh 159 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 2 0 Weston 67 by Darrian-Ashoka Weston 67 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 2 0 Kittell's Fire Pit Copper Cover 1 by Darrian-Ashoka Kittell's Fire Pit Copper Cover 1 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 3 0 Fire Pit Rain Cap 03 by Darrian-Ashoka Fire Pit Rain Cap 03 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 5 1 Vezzoli 5 by Darrian-Ashoka Vezzoli 5 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 1 1 Bisher 95 by Darrian-Ashoka Bisher 95 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 5 2 End of the Roll by Darrian-Ashoka End of the Roll :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 2 0 Naked Copper by Darrian-Ashoka Naked Copper :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 3 2 Larsen 152 by Darrian-Ashoka Larsen 152 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 7 0 Cutting Clay by Darrian-Ashoka Cutting Clay :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 1 0 Me at the 2015 OCF 249 by Darrian-Ashoka Me at the 2015 OCF 249 :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 1 0 Bardana's Smaller Chimney Cap by Darrian-Ashoka Bardana's Smaller Chimney Cap :icondarrian-ashoka:Darrian-Ashoka 2 0



I've managed to artists wonderful,ArielX and Ryan, in a joint action, very beautiful in the art world of the imagination, to submit a story already science fiction, and literary language dreamy and sober were used artists style sophisticated and beautiful in writing the story and the work of the beautiful paintings in the art of Photoshop It is extrasolar.

The artists have been able to write and work on the use of their ideas in the art of Photoshop intact and this is not easy, and gave us a vision of love and art wander us through the beautiful landmarks, and stunning personalities.

That's where the artists, their style is characterized by envy owning, a beautiful delicate style, "in a huge field of science fiction in it in-depth is the psychological aspect.

It is for this has attracted me to look deep distant imagine where artists embodies human Reflections in prospects for the existence of life on other celestial of criminality.

At the thought of science fiction artists .. is the key to progress , including predicted inventions and detect the realities of the amazing world that illuminate the road to tomorrow , and represents a new map of knowledge .. fantasy in which innovation and creativity .. and presents alternative forms of perception of the future . . supports the ideas of the future. species one of the most interesting and exciting is not linked to specific qualities of those who are in the age of small or young adulthood , but is for all ages and groups
This is the art of ArielX and Ryan , and to you my sincere greetings on this beautiful art.



Journal Entry: Thu Nov 24, 2016, 3:33 PM

               426064ng1n3ghbqw by haloma:icontalltoonist:426064ng1n3ghbqw by haloma   



The secret is essential in the world of fantasy and elves
The artist Radthorne
,Is spiritual sensuous natural beauty and concrete , which is associated in the creativity of the artist and everything is beautifully symbolized by the meaning of fantasy or realistic. Dispel the notion that art has by his admiration for the things that are around him and inquire his mind in his understanding of symbols and innovation , depending on the myths that take for himself, and this means that we understand the things around him, the beauty of the imagination as a whole has come to mean the artist Kevin to do, and he said: did not happen on the mind of another Yes, this is Radthorne images of life and shapes depending on the nature and utmost beauty and gave them a taste of sensual , it can almost see it, but in the eyes of sensory and conscious of the things that are around us and within ourselves of the beauty and colors of his paintings attractive. It is a sense of the spiritual , on the basis suggests for us in the presence of something moving in us, and we do not see, but a taste of things around us and reflect well in the colors and shapes, and the meanings of the symbols in paintings imagination and I felt like I was swimming birds in the sky wonderful picturesque beauty to the point psychological stability . This, of course . A kind of genius , creativity and much higher , I have associated with this mental activity artist and psychic activity , interacts with them behind the perceptions and one capable of spiritual and expressed sometimes to view it or sense, what might we see great recipes in creativity beauty and consistency masterly in the installation of objects and colors in most of his paintings. Because it reflects on what is inside of the positive and negative feelings or emotional that emotion , whether real or imagined when this creative artist Radthorne. Who owns the art developed in the mind ( and fantasy elves ).



Above all that poetry issue has important social value,,,
The spinning and love for the poet BenHammonds
"believe arts poetry as is sincerely performance and sincerity of expression, conscience and portray emotions and sensations, where it was not the motive behind it, prompting the owners of praise, description and spelling and pride - these purposes often sends adulation - and deny the truthfulness of the emotion and heat in the passion and sincerity in conscience, come smirk meanings faint images of artificial performance. nor shall the portrayal of women in the for the greed of a material or a desire to money or tender, especially virgin him who does not aim accompanying organized by a desire to pleasure or to meet an illegal but issued by the expression of honest and emotion honest and the conscience of the Savior appeared in the expression and performance.

The spinning of the poet creator: is the art, the advantage of this art would awaken in the reader insight from a sense of beauty: the beauty of life, the beauty of women, and rarely during the literature of yarn, because the song of every heart longing to unwanted body and spirit.

And also is the word broadcast poet emotions of love towards beloved, and vary the tone of this speech in different circumstances. It is sometimes a complaint: the poet shows what fall ill of abandonment beloved. He is also grovel and sympathy and end her consent, which is sometimes a description of the fancy,
In conclusion, finally
I'd say women are the poetry, but not attached to it, or added to, or a margin of margins, every poetry books or written or will write linked in women as the fetus in the placenta, and any attempt to disengage them, kill the baby and mother together, then women and poetry complement each ,, this is a creative poet wrote everything in the poetry that is not only about love, but has many poems and beautiful, and you my sincere greetings.:icontiphankeplz:


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