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Happy Little Brushes - Manga Studio 5

Some of my Manga Studio 5 brushes. Download them, mess with them, and tweak them to your liking. (Note: They may lag on older computers.)

Have fun!

EDIT: Corrected the brushes names.
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any way to convert these to photoshop?
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These look amazing! Will have fun! Thanks!
These are wonderful! How do I go about downloading them?
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That juicy pen, though. I use it all the time! :D
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Thanks for sharing!,can't wait to test em out! !XD
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Thanks so  much!!
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Thank you for sharing this :)
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Thank you very much for the brushes! I love the cloudy a lot!!
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How do I use them in Manga Studio 5??
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You can do a large import by opening their containing folder, selecting all, and dragging and dropping them into your brushes panel (Sub Tool panel). Or you can import one at a time by selecting the small icon beside Sub Tool and look for Import Sub Tool. I hope this helps.
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You put clothing texture instead of oily flat.
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Thank you for letting me know! I'll get that fixed.
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These are awesome, thanks for sharing!
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the stone one gives me "grass" not stone awesome cloud brush though :D
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I'll need to check that out. :D I did repack them recently, so I may have made a mistake somewhere.
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or he is using it differently.
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Do theses work for ex 4?
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