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Thinking of starting a new Halo Series; Need some feed back, will be different in:

Will take place 200 years after the Master Chief's story.
Several Factions will be in Play: Promethean, Two Major Human Sides, A New Covenant Empire, Swords of Sanghelios, a new threat.

Will take a lot of cues and crossovers.

Will be focused on a single ship and its adventures and will focus on Spartans, Pilots, and the ships Crew.

We will reuse our Dark Age Characters (mainly Delta Team) and give them new roles and backgrounds.

Watchers and Friends I need your Feedback!! I have been in a low on creativity and feel like my current direction is low on energy.

(Delta Team: TtLG) Chapter 01

1st Class Cabin
Pan Galactic Flight 2345-Civilian Air Carrier
En route to New Avalon, Installation 01

“I am surprised that they called us back to HIGH COMM considering the nature of our mission at Karakura,” said Lau as searched through his personal Comm Device.

“Must be something important,” replied Roy as he looked around the empty First Class cabin, “Did you arrange this?”

“If you are referring to the empty cabin, no,” replied Lau, “well I didn't need to.”

“But you would have,” asked Roy.

“Well if we would have truly taken a proper air carrier transport, I would do it if it could be subtly done,” replied Lau, “this is actually a charter flight by ONI, the couch cabin was offer to the public.”

“Interesting, I really haven't taken too much notice on things like this,” said Roy as picked up a paper magazine from a nearby pouch.

“I know, you prefer to utilize military or personal transport,” commented Lau as he put his Comm Device away.

“More secure,” replied Roy as he flipped through the magazine which mainly contained popular places to visit on Installation Zero. Roy found it surprising how quickly humanity was able to colonize and make a thriving civilization on the ancient Forerunner structure, yet alone also with integrating many different species on the Installation as well.

“You'd be surprise how secured these arrangements can be,” said Lau, “But I'd still be careful what I say; avoid details and what not.”

“Like I said, more secure,” replied Roy as he put down the magazine that was barely entertaining him.

“So are you okay with leaving the rest of the team behind,” asked Lau.

“Well Happy, Liyet, Ava, and 'you know who' are going on a mission off world,” said Roy, “but Jack and Zak will be there to watch over our new member of the family.”

“So she will be joining the team,” asked Lau, “As in serving with us.”

“I don't know about the ground team, but she will be with the rest of us,” replied Roy, “on that subject, how has your search for a new home.”

“Well Paul has a promising lead,” said Lau, “I am trying to pull some strings on my end to make it happen,”

“Good, what did you find,” ask Roy excited to hear the news.

“Well you know that secret ship facility underneath Karakura,” replied Lau, “Well one of the toys down there looks promising.”

Forerunner Portal Facility

Karakura, Installation 0

Alan Willmore picked up his M20 SMG, which would be serving as his primary weapon for the mission, and loaded a full magazine into the weapon and racked the charging handle to load a round into the chamber. He pulled out the magazine and loaded an additional round to top off the magazine to full capacity giving him Sixty-One rounds in the Sub-machine Gun.

“Not the style of weapon that you usually carry Commander,” commented Ava who was getting increasingly comfortably with her new teammates.

“Not necessary true,” commented Vash, “Happy there usually likes to carry a small SMG for more close quarters fighting, but he usually also carries some sort of precision weapon as well.”

“Well things have change, I am functioning as a team leader today,” said Alan was confidence, “plus this armor doesn't enhance our strength much, so I don't want to be weighted down. This is a recon mission after all.”

“What do you think we will find out there,” asked Liyet as she looked over her new gear, “why does this look pretty much like my old gear.”

“It's because it practically is,” replied Alan, “This is an upgraded version of what you had before, should feel pretty much the same.”

“Well hopefully it has better protection,” said Liyet as she placed her main body armor over her protective under suit, “You guys tend to attract a lot of fire when we are out in the field.”

“Well hopefully this will be different,” said Alan.

“But aren't we going to be in Setesh territory,” asked Ava as she began to load her ammunition magazines into their dedicated pouches.

“Yes, but their territory tends to be very isolated,” commented Alan.

“Setesh,” asked Vash, “I never heard of them.”

Not surprising, the Setesh are located in Scutum-Crux Arm,” replied Alan as he handed Vash a specialized MA5D Assault Rifle.

“The Empire was just beginning to explore Perseus and Sagittarius Arm that were located near the Orion Arm, does the Portal network really connected out to locations that far,” asked Vash as grabbed the rifle and looked over its customizations.

“Yeah it does and from I am told it transports you there in seconds, near instantaneous,” replied Alan as he began to lead the team outside of the prep room.

The team walked out into the main room where the portal was located. The team was on one of the higher levels that overlooked the portal area.

Even with their helmets on, the team could smell the ozone in the room from the power conduits that were feeding the portal. Alan looked over at the team, all were focused on the missions, except Liyet who was watching the portal area.

A technician walked up to the team and greeted them, “I am Sergeant Mallory.”

“Greetings,” said Vash in a way that brought an awkwardness to the area, which was interrupted by the Portal's inner ring beginning to spin. The inner ring's movement made grinding noise which seemed odd for a Forerunner device.

“Thank You for joining us,” continued the tech who began to walk pace with Delta Team.

“What can we do for you,” asked Alan Willmore.

“I just wanted to give you a quick briefing,” said the Mallory, “Since moving the Gate-Portal here, we have been needing to run several calibrations, as you can hear we are running one last one before you go through it.”

“Did moving it that short of a distance put it out of sync that easily,” asked Alan.

“Is it safe,” interrupted Ava concern that they might get vaporized stepping through the portal.

“Oh, yes absolutely,” replied Mallory, “In general, any Forerunner Portal that forms is stable enough for someone to step through once there is a visible event horizon.”

“And if it isn't visible,” asked Ava.

“Well if it looks to be in a state of flux, then no,” answered Mallory, “But there is a distinctive flash when the portal stabilizes.”

“May I asked why their needs to be calibrations then,” asked Alan, “Will the portal not form?”

“No, the portals are safely forming,” replied Mallory, “but is has been giving the recon teams a bit of a rough ride; motion sickness and being covered in some sort frost condensation has been the worst of it.”

“That...sounds unpleasant,” said Liyet joining the conversation.

“Don't worry, we think that we got it calibrated now,” replied Mallory trying to reassure the teams worries.

The team could hear the inner ring come to a stop, followed what sounded to be a mechanical device open and then closed. Mallory spoke up, “Good it sounds like they are beginning the dialing sequence.”

“Come this way, once the portal is stabilized and we send the probe through, you'll be good to go,” ordered Mallory.

“Probe,” asked Liyet.

“Yes, standard procedure in this scenario is to first send a probe through first,” answered Mallory.

“I thought you said that it was safe,” questioned Liyet, which caused Mallory to sigh.

Totem Convenience Store

Karakura, Installation 0

Jacqueline was looking through all the food that was available at the convenience store and picked up a package that looked to be some sort of fish meal. Half the writing on the package was in Kanji and the other in Anglosphere, which was different from her upbringing where half of the writing on packages were in French and the other in Anglosphere.

The labeling on the packaged indicated that it was a “mackerel like fish” that was farmed locally on the Installation from a species of fish that originated from Reach. A common practice through out human civilization was to reference similar tasting food as “like” a similar tasting food on Earth.

Not being a fan of mackerel, due to its strong fishy taste, she placed the container back and picked up several onigiri and place them in her small basket. The small rice based food not only fit well in the moderately strict diet for the Spartan, but was also a favorite food of her's during her “A” School training.

Jacqueline notice that her comm device began to vibrate, notifying her of an incoming call, “Spartan O'Connor.”

Catching her eye, Spartan Jacqueline O'Connor notice a small child peak his head around the corner of a shelf full of food, all wide eye.

On the phone Jacqueline was greeted by former founding member of Delta Team, Miranda Keyes.

“Mama,” replied Jacqueline on the phone giving her proper military etiquette.

“No need for the former tongue,” answered Miranda over the comm device, “besides you are in the public eye aren't you? Best keep on the down low, even though you stand out as a Spartan.”

“Sure,” said Jacqueline trying to step out of the formal tone, “What can I do for you.”

“She is ready for Stage Two,” replied Miranda.

“Is she really ready,” asked Jacqueline with a worried tone in her voice.

“We believe she is,” assured Miranda, “I was able to have one of Commander Hamm's vehicles brought over here.”

As soon as Miranda said this, Jacqueline could hear the growling sound of a sports car pull into a parking space out front. An ONI Agent wearing formal suit got out of the vehicle and began to walk towards Jacqueline. The timing was almost magical, but it didn't surprise Jacqueline coming from ONI.

The stiff posture of the Agent indicated that he was still green to ONI. The Agent gave a key fob to Jacqueline with out a word and walked out of the store. A government car pulled up to pick up the Agent and drove off.

“The vehicle should be here,” said Miranda as Jacqueline looked at the key fob, “Go to the hospital, a construction worker with a yellow hat and a blue stripe will direct you to a maintenance docking port where you will pick her up.”

“I understand,” said Jacqueline as she began to pay the cashier at the store for her food.

“She will have a navigation device that will help you get to you to a secret entrance to the place where she will be staying,” said Miranda.

Jacqueline walked out of the store and saw Commander Hamm's car sitting out there with its engine still running. The rumble of the idle exhaust was subtle but notable.

The car was a dark grey two-door sports car with a large combustible engine with a hybrid electric motor mounted to the rear transmission that improved the vehicle performance. The exterior design of the car had a classic-contemporary design that was not outlandish, but not conservative either.

“Not that subtle of a machine,” commented Jacqueline at the car.

“It has a twin turbo charged 7.5literV12 engine that is also supercharged which produces 1,300 brake horsepower with a 400 horsepower electric motor,” commented Miranda, “It's not very subtle, ONI is not too happy about it, but it is his personal vehicle so they really don't have a say.”

“I have know idea what that means,” said Jacqueline setting foot into the car.

“It's fast, that is all you need to know,” stated Miranda.


Delta Team: Through the Looking Glass

Delta Team continues their so called "vacation" as they continue to monitor special ONI assets that were conveniently located by them. Yet it didn't take long for the local base commander on their vacation island to get them involved in a secret project that uses a Forerunner Portal that explore the farthest reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Chapter 01:…

Chapter 02:

Chapter 03:

Chapter 04:

Delta Team: Midnight Sakura Chapter 15
Alternate version of Commander Nova belongs to :iconcommandernova702:CommanderNova702

Sword of Midnight, ORS-Heavy Cruiser
Task Group Theta,
17th Fleet of Brilliant Suns

The noisy bridge on the Sword of Midnight was operating effectively as various communication officers were relaying the Task Force Commander's orders to the rest of the Ship Commanders. The Task Group from the 17th Fleet of Brilliant Suns began to encircle the area that was threatening the Installation.

Task Force Khol 'Tumaai stood inside the Fleet Command Room overlooking his officers as they gave out his orders and oversaw the operations. Having confidence in his officers, he walked outside into the main command area and saw his officers working diligently.

One of the Sangheili officers who was flanked by two Unggoy assistants, the Sangheili motioned over to Khol 'Tumaai to join him. The Task Force Commander walked over to the Operations Station to see what the Sangheili officer had to report.

“Ships are taking their positions and our human escorts are standing by for our orders,” reported the Sangheili.

“Fleet Master,” called out one of the Unggoy who assisted the Operations Officer as one of the Sensor Crew members, “Human Dropship from orbit is approaching the Command Ship, they are transmitting an ID code that was given to us by the Arbiter.”

“Clear them to land at Hanger Four and have a security escort them to the Arbiter,” order Khol as he looked over to the holotank where the Arbiter and the Grand Commander of the Republic Military Rtas 'Vadum were, but who were not officially here.

A human dropship is approaching,” announced Khol as he joined the two legendary Sangheili, “May I ask who is coming aboard my ship.”

“I was about to ask the Arbiter the same thing,” said Rtas 'Vadum he gestured Khol to join them.

“I am glad to see that all your time exploring the unknown regions of the galaxy have still kept you sharp,” complimented Rtas.

“It was being in the unknown that has kept me sharp,” replied Khol.

“So it has,” said Rtas, “So Arbiter, why have you called me out here today, I could have easily overseen the operation from Command and who is this UNSC mystery guest, someone from ONI?”

“No, he is not from the UNSC,” explained the Arbiter as he began to slowly pace around the holotank, “While he works with them, he is independent.”

“Who is he,” responded Rtas with much different tone in his voice. Khol could tell that Rtas 'Vadum already knew his answer and wasn't pleased by it.

The door to the command bridge open, but instead of seeing someone from the UNSC a large Sangheili was being escorted by two of the Arbiter's personal guards. The mystery Sangheili appeared to be much taller then the average Sangheili, but walked with a more upright posture that may have made it look much bigger.

Khol looked at the guest that was brought onto his bridge and notice that some his armor was of very high quality, but had taken some heavy damage. This helmet, which appeared to be a black and red helmet that was favored by high ranking officers had chunks missing and a huge hole on the facial armor that exposed the left side of the face.

Looking at the exposed face, Khol notice that the Sangheili had a scar upon his face and his eyes where bright red, but he didn't know if this was caused by the glow of the helmet's enhanced visual systems or if it really was his natural eye color.

As the large Sangheili approached the group he began to greatly dwarf the rest of the bridge crew. Most of the crew were from the Yermo region of Sanghelios, which were average size for his species. This stranger was about the size of a Sangheili from the Mdam region, but from the facial features that were exposed, it appeared to that he was a male from Lodam or Tolvuus region.

“What is he doing here,” snapped Rtas at the Arbiter.

“My friend, please calm down,” replied the Arbiter calmly, “There is no need for this prejudiced.”

“I was willing to accept help from the likes of pirates and swords of hire,” yelled the Supreme Commander of the Republic Military, “But he is an abomination.”

“Your small mindedness is dangerous,” finally spoke up the mystery guest. His voice was distorted, almost mechanical sounding, caused by the helmets speakers voice projectors.

Khol notice a unique energy emitting from the mystery guest, one that he was familiar with. Having been part of the Ministry of Tranquility in the Covenant Empire, he recognized it from studying Forerunner Combat Skins. The small, almost unnoticeable, amount of energy that was emitting from him was something that they found with Combat Skins belonging to high ranking Forerunner Commanders, usually Prometheans. Khol began to wonder, how a Sangheili was not only able to acquire such technology, but also wield it.

“Trust me, I don't want to be here either,” explained the stranger, “but when my group received a request from the Republic to do some surveillance on the Installation, I agreed. Little did we know that it was the Arbiter that requested it.”

“I was hoping that having you do the mission, that it would heal some old wounds,” explained the Arbiter.

“I see that it has failed,” responded the Stranger.

“I am sorry that you see it that way,” said the Arbiter sternly, “Tell me what you found.., Commander.”

Rtas seeing that his protesting was being ignored turned his attention the holotank to see what the stranger had to report. The Arbiter's personal guards that had been escorting the stranger, who was now only know as the 'Commander' to Khol and the rest of the bridge, stepped back to give the Sangheili room to discuss what he had hired to do.”

The Commander walked up to the holotank and plugged in a UNSC OSD into the holotank's interface, which brought up scans of the area that were of concern.

“You were right call me in,” said the Commander, “We had to use modified Forerunner technology to get a decent scan of the area. They are using a very interesting jamming devices, very crude, but effective.”

“Is that what I think it is,” said Rtas stepping closer to the hologram of what appeared to be a former Covenant ship and a small army.

“It is,” said the Commander, “those forces clearly belong to the Banished.”

“Atriox,” snarled Rtas, “How is he here?”

“This is most likely one of his auxiliary ships,” said the Commander, “It would be very difficult for it to sneak into this area with the Veil.”

“We believe that it was able to sneak into the area, by hiding in the interference zone of a larger Assault Carrier,” theorized the Arbiter.

“That is definitely a way to do it, and even with a relatively secured entry area, the traffic is very heavy here, especially with a large ships,” commented the Commander.

Luckly that isn't the Enduring Conviction,” added Rtas, “so it is most likely also one of his Commanders and not Atriox himself down there.”

“Most likely,” responded the Commander as he tapped the controls to the holotank to bring up an image of a Jiralhanae, “I believe that this was their commander, it was mostly minor races down there, but he finally showed his face. I wasn't able to stay in one place too long to avoid being detected by them and the UNSC team that was in the area.”

“Arbiter, why did you send 'him' when there was already a UNSC team down there investigating that area,” asked Rtas.

“I began to wonder that too, when I saw them out there,” said the Commander.

“I needed your technology and skills to get a better look at the threat,” said the Arbiter.

“That's not the full truth,” said the Commander looking down at the Arbiter as he slowly paced around the holotank.

“It isn't,” said the Arbiter, “Your position with a more independent group gives you a unique perspective.”

“It does,” said the Commander.

I need it,” bluntly said the Arbiter, “We have problems with our alliance with the humans, there seems to be corruption amongst there ranks, what do you know the UNSC Serenity?

She was the first production Normandy-Class Assault Prowlers that used both Human, Covenant, and Forerunner technology. Was assigned to a Spartan Team before being reassigned to a science team.”

“And what do you know about that Spartan Team,” asked the Arbiter.

“Spartan Team part of the ONI Delta-Six operatives, had a controversial history,” explained the Commander, “They are effective though, they would fit in well with my people.”

“Do you know their enemies,” continued to ask the Arbiter.

“Do you mean the type that might try to kill them or stab them in the back,” said the Commander cryptically.

“There are a good many humans that do not do them any favors,” explained the Arbiter, “They are honorable, if not unorthodox warriors, which has made them enemies amongst there own.”

I will asked you once again Commander Nova,” said the Arbiter walking up to the Commander, “What do you know of the UNSC Serenity?

“I think you know exactly what that answer is Thel,” said the Commander squaring up with the Arbiter.

[End of Book]



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