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Four Bronco-Titans of the Apocalypse (Sketch)

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"We're not fighting evil Kings...We're fighting evil Gods." - The Archivist (My Little Pony V: Element of Tyranny)

Finally, i managed to complete this 5' X 6' image of my OC's, The Bronco-Titans, who are the representation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in MLP:FIM.  For a while, I've always felt as a writer and voice actor, MLP needed villains that would be more of an "aggressive" type but keep something of the same species which of course were Alicorns.  Just a hint though, to those "see 1 second and judge the next second", these Alicorns each have their own attributes (Yes, they are NOT Gary-stu's like those horribly written ones we commonly see).  For now, this one one of my greatest illustrations and would be more than happy to receive strong, constructive feedback on this artwork.  The advantage for me is as an artist, its always good to learn from other artists. 

Now, many would not realize the reference, however I wanted to combine two well-known historical illustrations.  Now in my version, I combined the "B&W press printed appearance of Albrecht Durer's Four Horsemen:
WIP Four Horsemen 3 by KingOfSoul81 
Using the elements from Durer's printed version, I rearranged the Bronco-Titans to mimic Vincent Vasnetov's version of the Four Horsemen.  However, the only difference is his features the Horsemen in Order (R to L: Conquer, War, Famine, & Death).  My version, since they are brothers, I did them by age (Tyrannus *Death*, Titannus *War*, Khaoios *Conquer*, & Xenxus *Famine*). 
Four Horsemen of Apocalypse by melfranz 
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