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NOTICE: If we could have the ability to change this club's name to support Halo and Destiny, we would. We do not wish to have to move anyone into a new group by creating a new one just to separate franchises or to make a revamp of this club's new name. As long as this group has been around, we do not wish to have it shut down just to make new changes with a rebranded name, as this would mean starting all over again from the beginning having to catch up with many years of work to resubmit and for members and watchers to join again.

:star: Welcome! :star:

Español: ¡Bienvenidos!
svenska: Välkommen!
Magyar: Légy Üdvözölve!
Français: Bienvenue!
Deutsch: Willkommen!
Irish Gaelic: Fáilte!
Íslenska: Velkomin!
Italiano: Benvenuti!
Polski: Witam!
Nederlands: Welkom!
Afrikaans: Welkome!
Esperanto: Bonveno!
Czech: Vítáme tĕ!

ไทย: ยินดีต้อนรับ
日本語: ようこそ!
한국어: 환영합니다!

(Not all of us admins necessarily know every language around the world but we try to put "Welcome!" in as many languages that we know as possible because this Club welcomes in ALL languages, even if the admins or other members may or might not understand the language but it is Still encouraged to welcome others in any languages!)

If you speak another language both real or fictional, we openly encourage and welcome in all forms of communication/written form in one's works.

We reserve the right to accept or decline certain things to this Club!


HALO © BUNGiE / 343 Industries / Microsoft

Destiny © BUNGiE

BUNGiE © Jason Jones and Alex Seropian

343 Industries "343i" © Microsoft

Microsoft © Bill Gates and Paul Allen

FAQ #405: How do I leave a group I no longer wish to be a part of?
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Fan Club

3,589 Members
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Thank you for visiting the Halo-lovers-club!
Gracias por visitar el Halo-lovers-club!
Tack för att du besökte Halo-lovers-club!
Köszönöm hogy meglátogattad a Halo-lovers-club-ot!
Vielen Dank für dein Besuch bei der Halo-lovers-club!

Be sure to check out :iconrings-rising:Rings-Rising, it's a bit similar like this club! =D
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Rules and Guidelines

Following rules is strictly required to maintain order and keep the group as content and manageable as possible.

*Rules on how the "Halo-lovers-club" works*

* First off, do NOT submit the same thing more than once.

* Try not to submit multiple Join Requests of yourself; you will eventually get your approval on first notice. Patience is required at times. (This is only in effect if the Join Requests are in a Voting Process, otherwise if it's set to Automatically Accepted, then you'll join immediately which will be noticeable once you refresh your browser on the page itself.)

* If someone's artwork is seen on the club's page, please make sure that if you fave, then fave :+fav:/:+favlove: the ORIGINAL one only. The same goes for submitting artwork, it MUST be from the Original Creator.
If you see any stolen work that was submitted by a member, please don't hesitate to send the group a private message about this so that we may know about it. We will be sure to remove the member's stolen works and have the thief removed and permanently banned from interacting with this group in any way.

* If you want to make any type of work for the club, it must be either related to the Halo or Destiny franchises.

*Constructive criticism is sometimes needed on artworks; but mocking, making fun and simply despising the artist's artwork with hateful comments will not be tolerated.

* No artwork containing offensive content regarding the Halo franchise or towards anyone else is allowed.

* If you don't necessarily know all of the "HALO" characters of the series franchise and wish to learn more, all you have to do is just ask someone; mainly active users or administrators if you wish to broaden your knowledge by asking here. Example; Sailfin-Dragon has a fun education service called "Halo University". Please contact her for more information.

* If the administrators know a particular friend or watcher, or if a fellow DeviantArt user has some "HALO" or "Destiny" artwork in their gallery, admins will be able to invite the person to become a member. Joining is not necessarily needed; but just a friendly request.

* If any administrators faved any of your "HALO" and/or "Destiny" artwork, they might also put it in the favorites section in the Club.

* Want your design to look badass or vicious? Go ahead! Show us your imagination! Your own FC (Fan Character) is allowed to be displayed here as well.

* Very Important: Be Nice to EVERYONE! We do NOT tolerate rude or offensive people in this Club!
NO racism/sexism/homophobia/etc. of any kinds will be tolerated! If ANYONE is found being hateful towards someone's race and skin color, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, native language, religion/beliefs and ideology, political standards or anything else to those regards in THIS Club that could be harmful to someone else's feelings or safety when being harmed or insulted about it, then the offender in question WILL be Banned from this Club And also Blocked immediately. As the infamous Sailfin-Dragon goes by the motto; "Be nice OR ELSE!" We strictly believe in kindness; and a group is all about people coming together; not hating each other.
It is perfectly understandable if you like or dislike someone and to like or dislike something, but please don't take things to the extreme by going around shoving your opinions around like it's a "fact" when/if something is not true. Nobody likes an egotistical smart-ass who thinks they're always above or better than everyone else.

*Rules on how to Join the "Halo-lovers-club"*

* As mentioned previously, any mocking, making fun of or offensive behavior regarding Halo or Destiny will not be tolerated. Unless, of course, you are quoting some things that were said within the Halo or Destiny franchise to add some spice to a conversation, that's fine and all in good fun. :) Also of course humorous fan art in that regard is tolerated as long as it is not in a hateful manner.

*Question and Answer*

Join Request Question 1:
Q: Can I join your Club?

A: If you're a fan of "HALO" and/or "Destiny" franchise, then yes, you may join if you want to.

Join Request Question 2:
Q: How can I Join your Club?

A: Just highlight and click the "Join our Group" Button at the top of the group and then click it, then you have the Optional Choice of leaving a message in the box; example, regarding your love for the "HALO" or "Destiny" series and/or about what art you're interested in submitting from your Gallery. Then click on "Submit Request". Once that's done, you will be Automatically Accepted, or if the Voting Request is enabled then when an administrator is online, they will be able to accept you.

Staying in the Club Question:
Q: How do I stay in your Club?

A: You are automatically kept in the club once you've joined; you don't need to worry about "leaving", unless you would like to leave. If any member possibly wishes to leave; simply look under the "Group" tab and click on "Leave the Group".

Gallery Folders Question:
Q: Why am I only able to submit to "Featured" or "To Be Categorized" instead of the other Folders?

A: Because the administrators may feel more comfortable to manage the group on their own and keep things more manageable that way. On several occasions, some members may have misplaced many artworks in the wrong folder. We are preventing that from happening again by handling it professionally.

How To Submit To The Gallery Question:
Q: I'm not a member, but I can't submit to the gallery. Why am I not able to submit to this group?

A: In order to submit to this club, you must be a member to participate.
This is to ensure that any DeviantArt member (who is not a part of this club) outside of this group cannot attempt to spam unrelated works (that literally have nothing to do with the "Halo"/"Destiny" franchise at all) or use this group as a "dumping grounds" with no intention of sticking around here. This is so we can keep things in order and not have anyone stressed out with flooded inbox messages. That way if any member in particular is caught attempting to do such actions, we will be able to have them removed and permanently blocked from further abuse of the submissions system.

How Many Deviations You Can Submit To The Gallery Question:
Q: How many submissions can I submit to the Gallery? / Why am I only able to submit once in awhile instead of everyday?

A: Currently the submission process is 1 Deviation Per Day.
This is because due to the high amount of members and watchers this group has, this is so the administration, members and watchers of this club won't have hundreds to thousands of cluttered deviation messages to look through in a day. We respect and understand how stressful it can be to have inboxes flooded with works on a daily basis at a frequent submission rate. The higher the amount of members that submit per day (i.e. reaching about 50, 100 or even 200+ members submitting per day within the same day), chances are the limit would have to be changed to 1 Submission Per Week to slow down the incoming amount of submissions.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience if you wish to submit more in a shorter time span. But both the administration, members and watchers of this group have lives outside of the internet (or simply don't have time to be on here often to keep their inboxes clean) and we do not have or use any type of programmed tool bots to do the work for us. So we keep this rule in place so that everyone can have a chance to relax and not end up highly stressed on having to focus on this group 24/7, 365. This is also because if we allow more than one deviation per day or week, there have been multiple times in the past back during 2010/2011 where people were too impatient and would spam up the submission voting process with the same exact deviation or multiple deviations at a time. So we only wish to prevent that from happening ever again.
This rule stands especially since the gallery organization process isn't as easy to sort through and organize to proper folders when newer deviations are always coming in, so this gives us more time to try to organize before the folders become too full at its limit making it unable to submit to.

Cyber-Bullying Question:
Q: A person asks, "Someone here in This Club is bullying me and won't leave me alone. Can you please help me?"

A: As mentioned before, cyber-bullying or offensive/harassing is NOT allowed in this Club OR its Members. If someone may have an issue with another member, please contact the administrators via the group's private messaging system and we will professionally solve the problem and sincerely wish for your safety.

Contests Question:
Q: Does the "Halo-lovers-club" hold any Contests?

A: Yes and No. No because the Owner is no longer holding a Contest because of an unsatisfactory we had. So, instead, there hadn't been any Contests. One of the administrators may hold a contest for close friends occasionally. We apologize for any inconvenience if our dear members had ideas.

:+fav:/:+favlove: Faving Question:
Q: Why do we have to fave the original pictures, can't we just fave them?

A: No; you can only fave the original one from the artist that was made by the actual artist. To avoid personal problems conflicting with respecting the artist's feelings; please follow our advice.

Affiliates Question:
Q: What kind of Clubs does the "Halo-lovers-club" get to Affiliate with?

A: The "Halo-lovers-club" will Affiliate with any type of "HALO" or "Destiny" Group, EXCEPT any possible Anti/Hate clubs, we do Not want our club to be Affiliating with any sort of Anti/Hate Clubs. Any Clubs that are Non-"HALO"/"Destiny" related, the administrators will investigate before further action is taken. If you want to Affiliate, just ask the administrators, and tell what the Name of the Group is, and if you want, you may tell what that Group is about.

Suggesting To Friends Question:
Q: Can I suggest this group to my friends?

A: Yes, but just be sure they are a fan and are familiar with the "HALO" franchise. We wouldn't want for you to have a friend who becomes upset about a misunderstanding with what was only meant to be a friendly gesture.

Screenshots Question:
Q: May we submit any "HALO"/"Destiny"-related screenshots?

A: Yes, you can. Just give the proper credits and copyrights according to Bungie/343 Industries and Microsoft; according to the screenshots usage rules required by Microsoft.

Sexual Content/Violence Question:
Q: Can I submit works that have Sexual Content, Violence, and/or anything within those categories?

A: Yes. Just make sure that you have the Mature Content Filter on. Especially make sure that it does NOT go against the official rules of this website!

Spartan/Elite Models/Vanity/Etc. Question:
Q: May I submit a screenshot model of how I customized my Spartan/Elite looks from the games HALO 3/HALO: REACH/Etc.?

A: No. We are not accepting them because there has been an overload of submissions of them in the past and sadly it has become an annoyance to some administrators. We apologize for any inconvenience.
However, if you want to submit a screenshot of your modified character doing something constructive, that is allowed.
We also do NOT allow screenshots of your scoreboards, unless it has some considerate value. However most-likely we may not accept those because showing off your scores is bragging, and bragging is also not really welcomed in this Club. It may be offensive or hurtful to other members.

* The most important rules are NO SPAMMING (i.e. chain letters, overuse of icons, etc.)!
Please don't submit stolen artwork for it is theft, and we do not want this club to be held solely responsible for the actions of said guilty member, because the one who's found doing such actions are the ones who should be held responsible for making that action! Also, please don't blame anyone else for your own mistakes that you make!

* Ranting in an angry manner to other members in an offensive way (i.e.; comparing games to the novels, or vice versa; figure collections) is not tolerated in this club.

Be respectful with your opinions to others about the HALO and Destiny franchises. If you do not agree with another member's opinion regarding any of the franchise, kindly keep it to yourself.

We reserve the right to accept or decline certain things to this club!

If there are any questions that are left out, or anything else that you want/need to know that is not listed here, please contact the administrators via group notes.

There's a link at the very bottom of each DeviantArt page that says "Switch to Desktop Site", tap on it. Once in Desktop Mode, zoom in and you can see the join button.

(Or tap/press here if you don't want to scroll down for Desktop Version:… )

Once you are finished and wish to go back to the Mobile Site version to continue browsing and using this website normally, do the same as above only instead the words will say "Switch to Mobile Site" and you will want to tap on it. Then you can view the website normally as it was before.

(Or tap/press here if you don't want to scroll down for Mobile Version:… )

NOTICE: If we could have the ability to change this club's name to support Halo and Destiny, we would. We do not wish to have to move anyone into a new group by creating a new one just to separate franchises or to make a revamp of this club's new name. As long as this group has been around, we do not wish to have it shut down just to make new changes with a rebranded name, as this would mean starting all over again from the beginning having to catch up with many years of work to resubmit and for members and watchers to join again.


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