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We love Jackals and Skirmishers!
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Just a heads up, you are going to laugh your head off when you see  my next free gift.
what you think of this? worth anything? I don't mean literally of cores, like I always say  I'm only in it for love and appreciation.
Just alittle discussion, I know their isn't much activity hear but I been bugged about this to the point that I can't ignore it any longer. Humans constantly tell me that we kig-yar should be nicer to the unggoy, I want to know what you think. now before you decide, remember, they once invaded Eayn and murdered our children before they hatched. be back latter today if you will.
Eh... I personally am not so much involved or into the background of the Jackal creatures.  ^^"
I'm just hosting the incoming submission.
I am glad to see people are still active hear. :)
Well, more or less... ^^"
Thanks for the shout.  :D
I noticed you have a surveillance camera.