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Speed Texture painting Brushes



These are some Photoshop brushes I have made that allow for quick texturing in speed painting and more. Each Brush is custom created by myself for random projects, and I hope they can be of use to some of you. Made in Photoshop CS6, should fully work in CS3 or above. The brushes are much larger than shown in the preview image, but can be easily scaled down in photoshop by changing the brush size. All brushes are intended for use with a pressure sensitive drawing tablet, as they have special properties that react to the tilt/pressure/angle of the strokes.

1) H1N1 - This brush is a coral like pattern good for scales and more
2) Pollen - A brush with a random scaled pattern for creatures or bark
3) Beads - odd protrusions good for scaled or rocky areas
4) Scaled Leaves - Good for background foliage, shadows from trees, water or scales.
5) Scratches - For wrinkled hides, metals and more
6) Canvas - Jean and other thick weave materials
7) Grunge - Rusty and old, add some character with this brush
8) Dirt - Get Dirty! This dust like texture is great for messing things up in a good way.
9) Patchwork - fake hatching, clothing textures, and more

Why charge points?
Because these brushes take time and effort to make, I feel that asking a small "builder" fee isn't so evil. For this set, I'm asking less then a 10pts per brush, and that's for unlimited usage.

Terms of Use
Once bought you can use these brushes for any art be it commercial or personal. Do no redistribute these brushes in any form (brush File, settings or img set). Changes to these brushes for personal painting preferences (such as jitter, spacing and more) are completely fine as long as you do not use the base aspects of the brush for any of your own brush sets for download/sale. Feel free to show me what you've done with these brushes in the comments!
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