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Hello Kitty is on Shrooms WP

Also for my sister. She wanted a psychedelic, hello kitty, rainbow, epileptic seizure inciting wallpaper and this is was I made her with a little direction. And yes, those are shrooms behind hello kitty.
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This was my childhood show
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Hello kitty is so cute and I love her
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Normally i hate hello kitty but like this i justi just turned into a fan
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One word. AWESOMENESS! i love it x) awesome job!!
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This is amazing! You have such talent!!
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thats trippy, what its cool SO MANY COLORS!!!!:)
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Whatever's in that lollipop of her's, I WANT IT.
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im impressed with your use of textures and stuff. soo articulate :p
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Sweet! Love the bright colors and of course the mushrooms!
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This is trippy ass ! i lovelovelove it ! Excellent work (:
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My mama likes Hello Kitty! <3
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Well, Hello Kitty, IS awesome, so of course she does. :D
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