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BSH Montage bootleg

By Hallspace
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Characters drawn by Mshindo Kuumba, I just tried my hand at putting them all in one place to see how the montage would look with them in it.
So I only take credit for the arrangement of the figures on the page.
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very good job can i see that bigger?
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This is deffintlly some outstanding work here! Does the artist that drew these have a gallery here by any chance?
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I have been trying to get him to get a DA, he has not done one yet.
Maybe one day
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Ok well hope one day u get him here bro! By the way your work is great as well man!
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WOW! Damn, I can't believe I didn't see this before. You did a pretty cool job with the composition. I would pay for a print of this. If it were only bigger I would have it on my desktop right now.
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Thanks, sorry I messed it up, if I give it another try I will make a larger version!
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Wow, what a line up.
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Nice work. Would like to see a bigger version.
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I foolishly shrunk the original image instead of creating alternates in photoshop. I am a bit of a photoshop newbie so I frequently make such mistakes.
I plan to do another one when the other characters are added, I will make it larger
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You should look at some tutorials. I have a bunch in my watch gallery.
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which ones are the tutorials?
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Usually they're the ones that look like a sequence of pictures going down. hmmm Here's one about line art [link]
And here's one about coloring [link]

I just realized how huge my favorites gallery was... O.o''
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thanks man
you should hit up the site where it all started:
here: [link]
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That is awesome man. I always have problems with group pics. Amyways keep it up. Definitely a favorite.
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I can't say I drew it. I instead moved all the images around in photoshop.
I keep meaning to make another with all the latest additions, but I have not had the time.

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I read it. Makes me mad when people make comments about some thing you already said. Got to keep an eye on the details. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
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I am so used to people not actually reading what I write that I just tend to repeat myself a lot.

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

I am looking forward to doing more work. It looks like I might be having some new opportunities coming down the pike that will be really interresting.
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indeed they do,
sometimes they do
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