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lovely Holmes

I tried to didn't see anything about SH2 till the movie is release. But It was really hard. I could't avoid some images. I confess, when I saw a thumbnail Holmes dressed up as a women, I thought 'GEE!! He isn't so pretty than i think!!'.
But, That thought is the most dumb thing in 2011.
Gosh, He is FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL. :faint:

*sorry for my terrible english, i hope you understand..
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Next! The wonderful Tom Holland in his Lip Sync Battle outfit.... xD
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I love when he did this in the movie!!!
Fantastic drawing!! =]
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This is wonderful. So funny!
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One of the best parts ;P
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Glad! Thanks~
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i always love your work!
haha not his best look, slightly uncomfortable to watch, but brilliant all the same XD love it. love him.
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OMG i died laughing at this @_@

Lovely work! :D
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Great artwork =) You did his amazing disguise justice! :D
I loved that scene, especially when he jumped into the train compartment with the elderly couple, and they're like ::O:
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He's so pretteh!!! (i watched some of the movie, and this had to be my favorite scene)
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I watched this on a plane and burst out laughing at that scene! :D
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I admit, not my best disguise..........
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What I love most is that it was actually Downey's idea to be dressed as a woman :D
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I fell over in the auditorium laughing the first time I saw this. To this day, I laugh at this scene.

And of course he's beautiful.
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LOL Me too:D I always laugh at this scene.
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I think RDJ said something like he resembled his sister on a round of steroids. Lol.
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lol I'll never get tired of seeing this, awesome job
btw I really love your cartoony-yet-realistic style :D
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