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I'm looking forward to it.

just doodle...<3

I didn't know Black Widow was so important...
cus I've never seen any Marvel Comics...
I just watch the movies...
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Friends just chilling out.  I'd love more moments like this in the films, but I think the Hammer lifting contest from Age of Ultron will be the closest thing we get.
Looks like Thor finally figured out how jokes work. Who knew he had a sense of humor?
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Thor: so explain to me tony, why are the many coloured horses talking

Bruce: hey steve I'm doing the crossword do you know a four letter word for disappointment?
Steve: tony
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O_oWe're forgetting Quick--Oh Noes!
ShrugOh, dang it.Doh!
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Natasha sleeping in

Tony showing Thor all the early morning t.v shows

Clint already done with everyone's shit, want's to go home, and just wants breakfast

And Bruce and Steve reading the newspaper while still being tired as fuck

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they all look so kawaiiWander Emote: CLAPCLAPCLAP 
This is awesome, but where's Natasha?
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I wish this was a sitcom
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clint like I hungry
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I wonder what Tony and Thor did to get Natasha yell at the males like that...
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Before I clicked on this I glanced at it and thought Thor didn't have any pants on so I was like wth??
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Wheres Blackwidow?
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Even the movies have her as an important figure.
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I can't get over how simply you've managed to capture their faces!
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I'd like to feature this piece, as well as…, for Fan Friday Spotlight on Would you be interested in that?
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:) Do as you want! It's my pleasure!
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Thor looks so happy! Yay! (He's one of my favs!) <3
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I imagine Black Widow inside the fridge making a face at Hawkeye.
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Hey Black Widow's not here. I appreciate that.
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Awww!!! All the Avengers boys hangin' about. Tony and Thor just kill me here :XD:
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The Black Widow's out on a mission. It's called let's torture, I mean train the new recruits.
DigbyTheGoat's avatar
It's called "Get Black Widow the fuck away from us because we hate her."
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Who's "we"?  Speak only for yourself. 
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