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I'm done!!!:icondancinglaplz:
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I'm looking forward to your new artistic works for Avengers:Endgame!Please!
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Why is Loki so sad 😢
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i like how these all have a sort of caricature-flair, but Fury is still proportionate. Even in a silly drawing his stoic character pulls through.
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Aw the little Phil is adorable! :)
Ooo you got Loki in it 🙀😍
I Iove this style!Hope that you could share new pic about iron man and Avengers: Age of Ultron!
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This is awesome, absolutely awesome! I love how Bruce looks a bit like he might be plotting world domination (I think it's because of the steepled fingers) and Loki looks so sad, like a kitty left in the rain, poor dear. And I love Coulson just kind of chilling in the background with a derpy little grin on his face, it's adorable XD
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awesome +w+
it's now my new unlock screen!! XD
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귀여운 ~..! This is too perfect, I LURVE IT, LOKI-CHAN IS ADORBS, thank you for making thisssss~ Can't Breathe 
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I am sorry but I have to say this COULSON COULSON COULSON COULSON COOOOUUUULLLSSSOOONNN *cough* lol wut, GREAT WORK :D (Big Grin) 
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would you mind terribly if I used this as the image cover for my story on because it is so ughcuteadorableawesomnessugh! i can't. i just can't. too much for actual words.
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^^ Thank you! Do as you want. I'm honored!:bow:
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oh. my gawd. this is... my gawd~
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jajajajajajaja good work¡¡¡¡

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may I use this as a deviantID? With all the proper credits, of course.
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Yes indeed! I'll honored.:bow:
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Yes, Agent Coulson!La la la la I am a dummy! :squee: 
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