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Peter,Ned and Mr.Stark

By Hallpen
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I’m gonna fffUCKING CRY YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO PEOPLE ❤️❤️✨✨✨🌈🌈🌈

Also Ned is a sweet little man <3 THIS ART SLAPS

Tony is right. Spider-Man is his own hero. So is Peter Parker.
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you’re one of my favorite artists, you can draw such adorable things but also more realistic ones and capture the likeness of the character in every way you draw them :D I love all of your art!
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Tell me I am not the only one that read it with their voices *-*
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This should be canon pls XD
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This is the best Loss comic.
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Tony: You're a stand out stand alone Hero kid you're too good to be a Sidekick.
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DX   by the time of civil war, peter was a college professor, a renowned scientist and tony was coming to him for help. People died, major changes happened, and it was a huge war. It wasn't a fist fight,  at a German airport, that was farted out over the weekend... I HATE THIS TIME LINE!
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they couldn't fit the deep storyline of civil war into a two hour movie so they had to dumb it down a lot
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No... they didn't go really deep and kill a bunch of people off because of their own established time line, and that WAS also their plan for avengers 3 and EG. imagine endgame's plot in a world where they had already tried to kill the entire cast multiple times.
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I don't think Ned knows how superheroes work.
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Awww, this is so sweet!
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hey just thought you should know ive seen a bunch pinterest versions of this.
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I can't tell if Peter's happy or sad about this fact.
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I'm like peter: I dont know how to feel
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my little boy
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yeahh oh my god 
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