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Avengers: Steve and Tony

By Hallpen
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yes. Captain America and Iron Man. :)
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How realistic, what a fantastic style!
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Nice job :)
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I love how subtle this is! It takes a couple seconds to understand what's going on, but their facial expressions are perfect.
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Steve: how do you work this thing? It's so complicated!
Tony: well, if you let me see it, I'd show you!
Steve: wait-what is this? *click*
Tony: umm nothing!!
Steve: why are there pictures of me?
Tony: okay!! Times up give me my phone back!
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Very simple and effective design. It's awesome ! <3 YOU are awesome *_*
XxTheAvengerXxX's avatar
The likeness of them is spot on! Nice drawing! :D
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i just love their chemistry so much
their interactions make me laughLa la la la 
btw, i love your art!Hug 3# 
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I saw this on Tumblr and just had to find you. I love them both in this pic, Steve's hair is the way it was in the Avengers which is, imo, perfect ;o)
love love love this.
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I was interseting to learn how to use a cellphone.
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No ahaha Tony the master!
And Steve the student!
They are so cute!
It's a really nice job Yasuko Takasu (Fangirling) [V1] 
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this Is awesome

<br / />

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Captain America: What is this alien technology?!?!
Tony: It's a phone
Captain America: A celluar communication device? Like a radio?
Tony: Whatever you wanna call it. I call it an apple phone
Captain America: Why is this device named after a fruit?
Tony: I'm so done with this.
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steve: so.. i just poke it? how does that work?

tony: *starts a genius explanation*

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I love your Steve in this picture, he looks so pretty!
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:love:Glad! Thank you~
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It's not that hard, Steve. My not-so-tech-savvy mother figured it out...eventually. ;P

Love the drawing :)
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oh man, this is so perfect!
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