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Imdas vs. Infinite Blindfolds

This is based off my RP with my friend Khy of our SWTOR characters, my Miraluka Zaraj and her Rattataki Imdas. In our RP, Imdas was threatening to take off Zaraj's blindfold which my Miraluka refused to let it happen.

So we joked that Zaraj probably has infinite blindfolds to prevent that from happening and Imdas is probably going to go through blindfolds, after blindfolds, after blindfolds, after blindfolds LOLOLOLOL.

And this comic spawned.
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Jedi miraluka may not have eyes to see and may use "Force" to see ...

But, the Miraluka Jedi can see the soul of their opponent or their partner, to see who they are with.

It's like that with blind people in real life.
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Scroll up and down really fast, it starts looking like it moves. 
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Miralukans, even though they say there is nothing to see behind the blindfold, they still deny anyone a peek of what is behind it:D
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Those derp eyes in the last panel. :lol:
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XD OMG LOL!!! Can't ... stop ... LAUGHING!!!
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hahahaha that's great lol
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OMG! This is hysterical!
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They are both SOOO precious, awesome and cute and ...ahahaha !
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LOVE! XD So funny and cute :)
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I lost it at NOPE XD
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Love eet!
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troll level miraluka, lol nice :3
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XD I still remember you drawing this.
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:giggle: very nice idea for it :D
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