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A lot of people seem confused by our registration progress, so I'll post it here in all it's simplicity, as it can be somewhat hard to find from the breed info page.
1. Send us a note with your horse/horses, stating their names, genders and types. If you are not sure of the type, we will figure it out for you. The note should also include direct links to the pictures and bios of your horses.
2. Only after your horse is registered it can be submitted into our galleries.

Please note that even if the horse was sold to you by a person who is a representative of this breed, as in either me or kalmakoira aka sateenkaarisitruuna, it doesn't mean it's automatically registered, as we don't register horses before they have their own pictures and bios. Neither do we have time to track down every single horse adopted out and see that they get into the registry.
Same thing goes for breedings. Please, if you breed your Hallowequine, make sure the person getting the foal understands that the horse needs to be registered. Hallowequine parents doesn't mean the horse is a Hallowequine, not unless it's in our registry.

When I have time I'm going to do a large search of Hallowequines, and possibly purge our studbooks from horses that no longer exist [account purged, picture deleted]. Dead horses will remain on the registry, but will be marked as deceased. My search has the goal of finding all adoptables sold out by me and kal, and tracking down foals of existing Hallowequines. I will approach the owners via commenting the picture, as it takes me significantly less time compared to noting and listing horses.

If you have any questions, note me or the group directly. Noting kalmakoira is useless, as she is on hiatus on that account, and won't handle breed business on the new one. You can contact her through me if needed.

Important links

To the Hallowequine breed info:…
To the mare registry:…
To the stallion registry:…
To the gelding registry:…
Hello all Hallowequine owners.
I’d like to remind you about a couple of things, which people seem to forget sometimes. This is not a rant – just a little, friendly reminder to all you out there who love this breed and keep it going.

1. All Hallowequines need to be registered. If the Hallowequine is not in our registry, it’s not a Hallowequine at all, only an orange, black and white horse. So if you breed your Hallowequines with people who have no previous experience with the breed, please inform them of this fact, if they want their horse to be a Hallowequine. If you happen to run across an unregistered Hallowequine, please inform us so we can contact the owner.
- To register your horse, send a registration note with the horse's name, gender, and link to it's ref. Just submitting a picture of your horse to the gallery is not a registration. Horses that are not registered will be rejected from the gallery.

2. Any Hallowequines with a draft build need to get an okay from the breed creator, kalmakoira. These are very limited, because Hallowequines are meant to be a light breed.

3. The new “limit” for orange in the body is 33%. I am aware that it used to be 50%, and if your horse was accepted back then, it will still be a Hallowequine. However, if you are just now creating a horse, and it ends up with over 33% orange, you need to discuss the registration with me and/or kalmakoira. Orange as a base color will not be discussed, as these are very limited. If you own a Hallowequine with over 33% orange, you need to make clear that the large amount of orange does not pass on.

4. Please don’t create adoptables of this breed without permission. It’s okay to sell horses with this color-range, of course, but do not sell them as Hallowequines.

5. And because some people seem to be confused (I have got one registration application, but I'm afraid there will be more), Hallowequines and Hollowquines are NOT the same breed. I know the names are similiar, but yeah, don't send your Hollowquines here.

If you have any questions, please contact our group via note.

On other news, the note system of the group has been pretty unreliable in the past few weeks. So if you have sent a registration note, and have not yet been answered, please try again, or leave a comment in this journal to inform me of the problem.

To the Hallowequine breed info:…
To the mare registry:…
To the stallion registry:…
To the gelding registry:…
Hallowequine Blacklist
So sad we need to make this and use this, but appearently we need it.

We are here to help you. To give the breed a nice registry
so that you people can find the right breeding partner for your horse.
This is not our job, we do this out of free will.

On this list you will find the persons that just don't want to listen.
If you just ignore the rules and the guidlines we give you, you
come on here. don't worry, you get enough changes, but don't push us to far.
the breed has it own rules, so you need to follow them.
If you don't and you are warned several times, you get a nice place in
this journal.

On the blacklist are ...
- 12512cool

People that are on this blacklist have no right to call their horse
a Hallowequine. You horse will not be registered! You can
keep yelling that your horse is a Hallowequine, we just don't accept them!
We also ask to the other people to not breed with those horses.

I feel so sorry that I had to make this ...
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