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2,293 Members
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I regret to inform you that I am canceling to donation pool (to upgrade to super group). due to lack of interest from the members of this community. At least until a new founder can take over, one with more free time than I or the other co-founders.

To those who have donated. I will be refunding the donated points. Thank you for your interest and hopefully someone can be found who will lead this group to the spooky glory it so righteously deserves.

Until then. Rest in peace kiddies.
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New Members welcome to halloweenmaniacs by finex666
Before submitting, please read the following...

All submissions (from members and non-members) are subject to vote. We will be picking the deviations that show the following.

(1) Good use of anatomy. (cartoon and stylized exempt within reason)
(2) Must be evident that you took your time to make deviation the best it can be.
(3) Finished works.
(4) Fully colored. (Pencil & Line-art excluded)
(5) All deviations MUST be submitted to the correct folder.

Notes on VOTING: when voting on submissions, use your judgment (preferably not just taste), make sure its the correct folder before voting YES. If voting NO, please give a reason so others can review it as well. And these aspects should be considered for the Featured folder as well when voting.

'Featured'--> this folder is to showcase the best of work from our artists so if you're just too lazy to look for the correct folder, forget it. It will be removed. Also, if you will be submitting work, preferably submit one of your best works per day just so there is variety from other artists and not just your own.

'Hand-Made Halloween'--> this seems to be the folder with the most problems. This is a folder for all crafts hand-made, sewn, knitted, baked, etc. NOT traditional art, NOT digital art. This folder also accepts Halloween make-up, gore, accessories, masks but no drawings.

'Costumes'--> This folder is for PHOTOS of costumes, preferably from waist up but in some cases if you can tell its a costume, not just face-paint or a mask. The photos should be decent qualities but again, there will be some exceptions. Please NO headshots, selfies or close-ups of your face even if it has make-up.

'Horror & Macabre'--> what the title says

'Fan-art' --> This for example is for art depicting art of any existing character in a Halloween situation/setting. There's been quite a few pieces of "fan-art" in which a character is wearing another character's 'costume' or cross-dressing, etc. but otherwise has nothing to do with Halloween....this isn't a COSPLAY group so those don't count as costumes or fan-art unless there's some sort of Halloween essence in the picture as well like pumpkins in the background or something.

'Original Characters'--> a special place for Halloween characters you created and want people to know about them. Any character based on any existing franchise, DO NOT put it here, that'd be 'fan-art'.

'Cuties'--> This folder might not be around long to avoid confusion. A place to put characters that are just cute and Halloweeny (ex: chibi)

'Pencil, Line-art, Black & White'--> this shouldn't be just a folder to dump your sketches, they should be completed as much as line-art can be complete. NO LINED-PAPER ART (here or anywhere in this group).

'Photography'--> preferably a folder for artistic photography but also casual photos can be submitted here if its Halloween related.

'Creatures of the Night'--> any monsters, witches, ghouls, goblins that don't fit anywhere else (also a pending folder that might go eventually)

'Jack-o-Lanterns'--> pumpkins & jack-o-lanterns of all shapes and sizes because they rock.

'icons, wps, etc.'--> wallpapers, moving icons, gifs, etc.

'Literature'--> writings of Halloween

'Halloween Town Comic'-->collaboration ideas with the Founder :iconfinex666:

NOTE: Halloween can be scary, sexy, cute but please do not post ANY art that has to be censored & art that has 'unedited' or 'uncensored' versions. Please follow DA rules. Breasts & chests are OK but no other genitals (male or female), partial nudity is ok as long as its tasteful. Thank you.

Keep in mind, this is a HALLOWEEN group so preferably pumpkins, autumn colors, things that just tell you HALLOWEEN as soon as you glance at it. :pumpkin:

More conditions may apply, but will be updated before we enforce them.


Hello and welcome to the group: Halloween Maniacs! ^w^









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