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CDC - June 25 2016

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Published: June 26, 2016
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Prompt: Create a team of five characters.

The second character on the team.
This one is a sentient computer built(?) with incredibly advanced technology. It seems to possess the ability to scan objects/substances and understand what they are made of. Once this information is processed it gains the ability to create more of said substance, seemingly from nothing. It has been known to gain different powers in the past by scanning individuals with said powers. It is very direct with its actions and speaks in a computerized, monotone voice, often mentioning some kind of "directive" though remaining silent when questioned about it.

Curiously, there is a large gash on its back which suggests whatever programming it has may be damaged, leading to erratic behaviour at times.

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AxByLagginsHobbyist General Artist
I can see this character either as a silent kudere or having a quirky personality (like Peridot from SU)
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XiaphearProfessional Digital Artist
Will this be like the states, gas, solid, liquid, energy...ehm....A fifth--
No nevermind that's not it.
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quetzalryujin15Hobbyist General Artist
It's ability to create substance from nothing reminds me of the replicators from Star Trek.

I do wonder what it's "directive" is?
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This reminds me of Jarvis and Ultron, the two AIs from the movie "Avengers: Age of Ultron"
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HellexarHobbyist Digital Artist
Reminds me of QAI from SupCom FA. "Primary directive recognized. Executing..."
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HallowAngelStudent Digital Artist
I imagine this guy with a similar voice to QAI actually.
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.... >thinking of Tron<
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