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The Elements

Nobody had the original 8 elements in a wallpaper, so I kind of threw one together. Hope anyone who sees it likes it!!

These are the 8 elements:



I put Spirit in the center, as it exists in all things.


Made in Photoshop CS2
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The 8 elements, just like in Tales of Symphonia and the Summon Spirits
Drago-Starfire's avatar
Absolutely awesome! :jawdrop:
Lovely. May I use this in a non-commercial project I’m working on? It fits well with the theme I have.
TheDireWolfGames's avatar
Hey HaliteAnn, may I use this as cover for a book on Wattpad?  I will give you all the credit.
LegendaryPowerRanger's avatar
Just Imagine if they make a tv series about 8 people who control those and they're refer as Elementals.
TheDireWolfGames's avatar
I was actually going to write a story about that on Wattpad.
Bcha962's avatar
My I use this also? It would be a really great cover for a story I want to work on. I will give credit :)
RTNightmare's avatar
May I use this if I give credit? You made it just perfect for an Undertale AU I have called SpiriTale.

I promise to credit you.
HaliteAnn's avatar
Thanks so much!! ^.^
Specter-Von-Baren's avatar
Awesome. The eight element system is my favorite of them all. :D
HaliteAnn's avatar
Thanks so much for the :+fav:! :D

And I agree. I actually get frustrated and angry when I see people include Celestial, Poison, and Blood as elements. :XD: Lol. I kind of... love... the eight element system. :blush:
TheDireWolfGames's avatar
I love them too. 😂
Specter-Von-Baren's avatar
Whoops, I guess it was you who had spirit. Heheh....
Specter-Von-Baren's avatar
Yeah, I was disappointed in Okami when Orochi just almost had the eight element system except ice was replaced with poison. *sigh*

Some things are very weird to have as elements though, I saw some with technology or spirit as elements while I was looking.
HaliteAnn's avatar
No I don't count Spirit as an Element :XD: lol. I like putting it in the middle though cause it's kinda general, and it involves everything. Yeah... I don't understand how poison or tech can be considered elements...
aliy-chexmix-yummie's avatar
stumbled upon this while looking for some inspiration for my concentration, i love how professional this looks, great job!
HaliteAnn's avatar
Thanks so much! :love:
Sablehawk's avatar
I love these .. any chance you could put them into png packs for others to use?

Would be great for my pen and paper game I run. could put them on character sheets
HaliteAnn's avatar
The photographs? Oh I take no credit for those! I made the wallpaper itself, but the photos in the bubbles are random images off Google. :XD:

This is actually just a wallpaper that I made for myself, but my friends made me put it up! :o
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