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++ Halls of Blind +++

One year ago, this drawing was destroyed due a fire we had in the house, and I think that I'm going to draw this one again, because this had some mistakes which I want to undo...

Little description how I got this idea: I met some blind peoples a long time ago and I was so in awe how they can see/read/feel with only their hands... close your eyes and try to see with teh help of your hands, not so easy as many think.... nothing more to tell, hope you like it

Reference/Model: my friend Elena, thanks so much my dear.
Material: bristol board, mechanical pencil (6B), woodless pencil (9B) and for the dark areas Charcoal, paper stumps and a brush.
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wow this is so amazing. what a tragedy that it was lost in a fire!!! :C amazing work tho. so glad u have a pic of it on here atleast!
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Nice remix of my profile picture :)
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I like that! And I used it for a free to download PDF with a german translation of the witch character class for D&D.

It may be not the original intention of this piece but it fits very well.

Have a look here: [link]

I hope it's ok. I really like it. =)
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The link has changed: [link]
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This is beautiful! Sorry it was destroyed. I wish you much luck with the redo.
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good idea and amazing work! I love it! *.*
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damn this rocks, total emotion in total silence. beautiful art
this is just amazing!!!! I love it :3
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Very, very good.
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nice work! luv the concept and the detail :DDD
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go for it,even though it looks awesome already lmao...good job :)
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wow it's really beautiful
the concept makes it only better :)
the most hard thing to lose

thanks for this meaningful art
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just simply amazing how did you make it? what did you use?
Schön gezeichnet. Mir gefällt das Motiv richtig gut.
Vorallen gefällt mir wie diese Hand gemalt worden ist - mir fält es immer besonders schwer Hände zu malen.
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fantastically exicuted idea :D
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Good technique and clever idea... Really nice! One of your best, I think.

I especially like the nails, the eye (and the texture surrounding), the lips (killer shades!) and the nose. So, basically everything... except for the index finger and ring. But that's just a detail that doesn't spoil anything (and the perspective on the other fingers is just fine).

So you work with woodless pencils, really? I always thought those so-called "evolution" plastic things were crap! Or maybe I'm thinking about something else...? I must be.
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Excellent artwork!!! greats skills!
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