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44 The Only Way

Everyone knows the only way to kill a vampire is with a stake through the heart. Or a silver bullet. Or exposure to sunlight.

Okay, there are a lot of ways to kill a vampire, but we took the classic approach this time (with a slight twist).

And, yes, vampires in Spelunky ARE weak to arrows.

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A-Gray-Phantom's avatar
XBLA has no bows.
halibabica's avatar
Good. They sucked in the original. Well, except for bomb arrows.
SchwaWarrior's avatar
o_o Great battle!!

...Worried about Hero now, he took some pretty hard hits :( *crosses fingers and eagerly awaits next installment*

(I am completely in love with this cute comic oh my gosh)
halibabica's avatar
Haha, glad you like it. Don't worry about Hero, though. He's technically saved a Damsel on every floor, so his HP is just fine. ;P
SapphireMoon714's avatar
Hahah! Looks like Strong Bad wasn't very happy that you stole fairly used his sound effect. At least you didn't have the vampire cry out, "Ow! My skin!" after he was shot. :XD:
halibabica's avatar
Strong Bad's rarely happy about anything. ;P
SapphireMoon714's avatar
Hehe, yeah, that's true.
Legendarypikachu11's avatar
*gasp* He hit a girl!
halibabica's avatar
He was going to sacrifice her to an evil deity just one page ago! I don't think he'd mind backhanding her! D:
Legendarypikachu11's avatar
Oh, Right. XD That's true.
Snowyowl0's avatar
Vampires are weak to arrows? This is news to me. I must experiment at once!
halibabica's avatar
No experiments necessary! They take three damage from arrows, which is two more than every other enemy. Too bad it isn't fatal instead. =P
LadyKylin's avatar
What is damsel's health anyway?
halibabica's avatar
In-game, she and Spelunker both have exactly 4 health. However, she takes half damage from some things, so it can seem like she has more.
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