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41 Ivan to Suck Your Blood

Ivan seemed like a good name for a vampire, regardless of the pun in the title.

Anyway, vampires in Spelunky won't follow you underwater for some reason. They can enter water without being harmed, but if you take a dive, they'll hang onto the ceiling and wait you out. Ordinary bats do the same thing...

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Vampires can't stay underwater. It kills them. Little known fact of vampire lore.
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Heheh! Wish that was true in Spelunky.
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Wonder if for bats is the water screwing up the whole untrasonic seeing thing.

Also love the fact that the puddle had a sound effect!
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I'm pretty sure it's because bats can't fly underwater. Vampires can't really either, but he could just turn human again and jump in. *shrug*

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maybe he deosn't want to get his clothing wet?
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Could be! I can't imagine his cape does him any favors soaked.
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No I can't imagaine it would.
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