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1-3 Spielberg Would Be Proud

By halibabica
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Cover: That's How It All Started
Part 1: Lady in Red
Part 2: What's in a Name
Part 3: Spielberg Would Be Proud
Part 4: Look Before You LEAP!
Part 5: Creepy Crawly
Part 6: Convenient Store
Part 7: Death Approaches
Part 8: Watch Your Step
Part 9: Arachnophobia
Part 10: Spider Squishing
Part 11: Shining in the Darkness
Part 12: Even Exchange
Part 13: Most Foul
Part 14: Gold Digger
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Made in china would be better lol
halibabica's avatar
I'm saving that for later. ;P
Unreal-max's avatar
Oh darn it , I spoiled the fun. lol
LadyKylin's avatar
Tottaly had the Indaina Jones music playing in my head when the boulder rolled :)

Love the made in Taiwan stamped on the bottom of the idol :)
halibabica's avatar
Gotta get those decoy idols from somewhere!
BrazillianCara's avatar
If La-Mulana taught me anything, is that you should never forget to bring weights.
halibabica's avatar
I never played La Mulana (a crime, I know), so I have no idea what that means. ._.
BrazillianCara's avatar
It's like Spelunky when it comes to the core concept (ruthlessly difficult old-school indie game about adventurer archeologists), but it's a "metroidvania" kind of game in contrast to Spelunky's roguelike.

...and I've never played it either. I just watched Deceased Crab suffer through it.
halibabica's avatar
I knew the core concept and saw a video or two back in the day.  People compared it and Spelunky quite a lot.
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
Them pesky boulders.  I seen them many times while playing but I never got hit by one.
halibabica's avatar
As long as you're smart about it, they'll never get ya.
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Uber-DanHobbyist Writer
That seems to apply to a lot of things in the game.  Of course it's easier said then done.
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LockmanCapuletHobbyist General Artist
I know nothing about the game Spelunky, but I'm still loving this comic. Keep it up!
halibabica's avatar
Glad to hear it!  I'm trying to write it in a way that you wouldn't need to know the game.
Snowyowl0's avatar
Also, by bringing it deeper into the caves, he's probably made it harder for future archaeologists to retrieve it.

(Assuming it's not destroyed by lava when the volcano erupts.)
halibabica's avatar
Hey, who said anything about volcanoes?
Snowyowl0's avatar
The game ends with a volcano erupting, doesn't it? Unless the Hero dies.

Either way, spoiler alert.
halibabica's avatar
I can say with great certainty that the story DOES end, in one way or another.
Snowyowl0's avatar
All things must end, Hali. All things must end.
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Ayyu-ArkuHobbyist Writer
W-wait!  But you can publish an essay in an academic journal about how this proves there was early contact between Taiwan and wherever this place is!

...granted you'd still be dirt poor but still!
halibabica's avatar
Archaeological significance, or a cheap knock-off?  You decide...
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